How many grammatical and spelling errors have I made here? (Shudder, Shudder!)

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    Shticky Guy

    Inn view of the currant spelling problems of many posters, I decided to offer advise witch should grately effect the emalers who frequent this websight.

    If they except that they’re principle floor is that they think they are worth their wait in gold and are borne with invincibility, then I can help them brake that vein concept and lay bear the course trayt.

    This will strike a cord with older posters, end though we must complement posters on they’re good midas, we should censor them when they pedal they’re pour grammar. Its’ nothing short of shear laziness that they do’nt kerb this and they envelope they’re hole tail with errors.

    Posters like haifagirl should be a roll model to them, butt they remain septic to her advise and instead of teeming up with her to develop a strait storey, they seam to right their errors hear with a certain flare and not reign in they’re misteaks.

    They come like a hoard of lightening, letting their pane lose threw their typing, and they wont dessert they’re bad waze. I four won cant palette it. They must learn to wave their write to always beeing correct and should move on, leaving they’re friends stationery.

    In summery, they should swat up on they’re spelling, learn to toe the line, envelope within themselves the concept that text tork is knot always appropriate, and I weight with baited breath to sea weather my words of advise will make them feel feint and dizzy, or show they’re contemporaries whose who and diffuse this apalling problem


    I had to stop after 2 lines because it is too painful to read this.


    Schtiqqy Gai,

    Your currant spelling left my mouth tingling (and smiling) from its tangy taste.


    lol! Well done! This was impossible to read!! Took an awfully long time to get through it and understand what it was supposed to say

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Horde to bare.


    Shticky Guy, you are truly shticky! I counted 76, but I’m probably missing a few.

    Shticky Guy

    I had to stop after 2 lines because it is too painful to read this

    ?? ??????

    Why is this thread different to any other?


    Very funny Shticky!

    Shticky Guy

    Think you very mush two: golpher, sez me, Dee why, chewish femnist, and of coarse to the fownder, precedent, weiss precedent, end the sea eh ow of the see aargh welcum wagun.

    Where is haifagirl when you knead her? Seams ewe can spell with her butt ewe can knot count on her… 🙂

    Shopping613 🌠

    If you go to one of the last 1-5 pages of the jokes thread, i posted a forward i got that reminded me of what Shticky wrote, if anyone digs fof it, post it here, it begins something like: the u.s. commision has decided to do some program with a five-year plan to make english into euro-english. It vrry funny.

    Shticky, thats so cute! But i stink as D.O.L. so im not gonna embaress myself by saying how mant mistakes i could find!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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