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    I give $50.

    It says you may give it from Maaser money!


    How about a teacher- if someone has a few kids, 50 dollars each can add up to a pretty high amount.


    a pidyon


    It says you may give it from Maaser money!

    Who, or what, is the “it” in the above quote? And (assuming the Rebbe isn’t poor and the tip isn’t required) what is the justification?

    The Wolf


    First you must make sure nobody else or cops are around. Then you sneak up to him quietly, then you lower your center of gravity and rush the last few feet and push him so he tips over.



    A dollar per pound of body weight is a good rule.


    I give $100 for rebbe.

    $20-$25 for an assistant.

    (The Rebbe does it for a living. A female teacher should only be the second source of income in her home.)


    smartcookie: I thought your boys are very young still. How old’s your oldest boy? You give $100 to his Pre-1-A rebbi?


    Pre 1a rebbeim deserve every penny but $100 is very generous, kol hakovod to you.


    Why “should” a female teacher “only be the second source of income in her home”? Suddenly it’s a husband’s job to support his family?


    Grandmaster- yes, my kids are young, but I tip them generously anyway. (If they deserve it!)

    The Rebbeim of the younger grades also work very hard.

    When the boys will get older, and I’ll be happy with their Rebbeim IY’H, I hope to give more.

    ChanieE- that what I believe. But everyone should feel free to do what they understand is right.

    (Yes, if the teacher would be 40 yrs old and her hub still in Kollel, I would give more.)


    I give more for the boys rebbi then the grils teacher because my sons have one rebbi so I can aford to give nicely. my daughters on the other hand are having two teachers plus two assistents so that money needs to be split by four teachers. In total each daughters tips is double then each sons but the teachers still end up getting half the amount the rebbi gets.


    I also do “Rebbe Tipping”.

    We wait until he is dozing off, and then we run and hit his side. If you do it hard enough, he falls over.


    I can not afford to tip the rebbe because with all the amount of snow days this year, I lost out on a lot of income. If I can not make money, they can not either.


    I give each rebbi $100, once on Chanukah and once on Purim. If the rebbi was really amazing, I give again at the end of the year with a note expressing my appreciation. Most rebbeim work extremely hard and are underpaid. I wish I could give more.


    Considering the inflation over the last half a decade, has the tipping amount increased?

    How much do you tip boys rebbeim and girls morahs and how many times a year do you tip?


    I’ve put on my bulletproof vest……………

    Is tipping the rebbi or morah only an in-town thing…where competition/school choice keeps tuition and payroll lower than out of town.

    Here in the sticks, tuition for K-12 tends to runs about 15K per year and there is usually one institution per community. Staff tends to command a better/higher wage than in NYC as an inducement to live out of town. Living costs are also substantially lower.

    I never tipped my childrens’ rebbeim or morot, and I never heard other parents discussing doing so either. A token gift (not money) was usually given at Chanukkah, Pesach and end of school year.

    Back in the 1960s when all teachers (public and private) received near starvation wages, my father and other area merchants tended to provide clothing and household merchandise to yeshiva/day school faculty (and their family) at cost or free. We were in the parochial school uniform business (among other clothing lines) and those staff members never received a bill for their children’s school uniforms.

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