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    Looking to possibly move back from Israel, can someone give me a general idea how much a house costs in Lakewood,? Nice but not fancy, something to grow into. 4-5 bdrms? Young family just starting out after kollel. (almost30)

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    If you move to Westgate I’m pretty sure you can get a house pretty cheap.


    Sommerset had houses in area range of $350,000 which is a 5 bedroom house, with attic and legal rentable basement for which you can get about $1,300.00 rent. If you have family in area have them drive over and inquire.

    The house is big,roomy but will be only as fancy as you make it.

    If not, it’s nice and you will enjoy.

    Nice community!

    No, out kids are in a different area of Lakewood and have been there for a long time.


    thnaks. can anyone recommend a real estate agent? also where do people advertise stuff they are selling. (like the Pirsumit in Israel)


    You can’t just go with anyone as unfortunately there have been too many disappointments with people promising new developments and not coming through. Hamodia and Yated have listings. Make sure to always ask for references when dealing with brokers. Make sure these references are not standups!!!! Good luck. It is a big adjustment moving back. Our children move back to U.S. last summer and i won’t be surprised if they decide to move back to Eretz Yisroel!!!


    oh man… is it impossible to make it in the US? if you rent out your basement then theoretically arent you living rent free? And i wasnt looking to buy on paper, i was looking to buy something already established. The biggest deterrent to Lakewood that i am hearing, is how hard it is to get your kids into schools.


    can i hear from the 5 year plus crowd, who stayed in israel 5plus years and then moved back to Lakewood. What were your observations>??? thanks


    Officially all of BMG does not have internet, so you won’t get responses directly. Our children moved back after 6+ and ++++++++++years in Eretz Yisroel. They settled in Brooklyn.

    About getting kids into schools, probably there may be a reason for that too. For example, one couple who moved from Brooklyn to Lakewood and lived in the complex where our children used to live, commented that in Boro Park she would dare not go with the headcovering(rather uncovering) she does in Lakewood! ….then you’ll hear that the kids can’t get into good schools or yeshiva?!?!?!?! Lakewood is not a free for all. Its’ intentions are to be a fine,frum community, not a haven for people who want to be more modern and think in Lakewood anything goes.


    Well those issues BH are not nogeya for us. We are mainstream Yeshivish people who are choosing Lakewood because of the “protective” environment it provides. My question is more about making it finanacially. NOw that your kids have to add cars, tuition and insurance and health care etc to their budget, are they making it?


    Honestly speaking they are but get help from parents with moderation, meaning no luxaries including living on credit cards. They are Kollel families and live their lives as such.

    Those who came back from E”Y do not have cars. We let them use ours when they have need for a vehicle.

    You may be entitled to some aid in terms of HUD(section 8), Food Stamps and Americhoice that will help till you get yourself financially established.

    If your husband is ready to work and do any type of work to start with you Bezras Hashem should be able to do it!

    Hatzlocha Rabba!


    While you can commute from Lakewood to NYC, and many people do its a bit on the exburb side and the commute is long to the city via bus

    Expect to spend over an hour each way on the bus commuting to the Port Authority and then add a Subway ride from there


    Generally speaking if you buy a reasonably priced house nowadays with a small down payment and you rent out your basement (basements get less rent than a regular apartment) you will still need to pay more for your mortgage and property taxes. But of course, every scenario is different.

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