How much of the traffic is just people looking for parking?

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    Over 50% of the traffic in parking lots are from people looking for parking.


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    It varies, but in busy areas, it can be a significant amount

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    The little I know

    When we study the issue here, will we become more educated, or might we manage to develop ways to make the situation better? I do not think there is a question that looking for parking contributes to traffic. It is probably more a question of whether this is a main factor, and whether intervening in this would effectively relieve the traffic issue.

    Regardless, we are implying that there is frequently, and in many locations, a shortage of available parking. It would be useful and caring for our elected officials to address this, since they can. I can describe many parking regulations that are oppressive, and manage to make many lives difficult. The only reason these are not being addressed is because the present situation insures that there will be illegal parking that can then raise money for parking fines. This is bizarre, but commonplace.



    When all cars are self-driving, maybe they’ll also help each other find parking spaces, and then do self–parking.



    When the government collects fine money, it has an incentive to cause people to break the law.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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