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    Time is finite, we only have a limited amount to use throughout our lives, how much unproductive time does the internet rob from you? Is it wasted using your computer or smartphone? How is it wasted?


    way too much time wasted

    rather its in the coffeeroom many times throughout the day or its reading news for probably average 2.5 hours a day. that an insane amount of precious time wasted just on reading the news. i wish i could stop but i feel the need to know whats going on worldwide.

    why is reading news a waste of time when a person should know what happening around the world? the answer is this news happening does not affect you & if there is something local to you that effects you & you need to know about it then trust me you will find out about it a different way without reading the news you read on the web


    I don’t know. Do you consider my time answering your posts productive or not?


    I spend about 30 minutes per day on the internet doing ‘fun’ things such as being in the coffee room.

    It is not unproductive time. It permits stress relief and necessary diversion from business and family life. It was highly recommended by my physician as being equally important as my daily walk or swim.


    CTL, I understand that your shrink wisely advised you to go online and play the suburban lawyer living a comfortable lifestyle that you always dreamed you’d be even though life’s fate had other plans for you, making you a working class city slicker chump living in gritty Brooklyn, working as a store manager in a heimishe clothing outlet.

    Gotta say you’re doing a great job. You have almost everyone convinced!


    Shrink? I wrote physician
    I was born in New Haven and have lived in CT for more than 60 years. My father left Brooklyn in 1946.
    I don’t work in a gritty anything.

    You have claimed to teach in the NYC public schools, can you really get away posting during work hours? I’m self employed and my time is my own.


    After decades on the government payroll using so little time off and personal days, I have so many to utilize for kiruv……………………

    big deal

    I know that CTL can handle you himself. However, after reading your comments yesterday about being mekarev intermarried men and today your highly demeaning comment to CTL, I feel a strong need to protest.
    Your words on this site are no beacon of light, nor are they in any way an example of the commandment of v’ohavta lreyacha kmocha.

    I’m an astronaut and one of the most amazing sights from the ISS is watching how mounds of people are automatically repelled by your actions.


    BD, clearly you lack the nuance and sense of humor that CTL possesses. FYI, there was no demeaning here and CTL hadn’t taken it as such.


    Joseph and I have an unspoken understanding. We are able to tell when the other is posting tongue in cheek.
    When Joseph instigates, he is provoking thought and analysis on the part of CR readers.
    I like to give him a little reality check from time to time,

    This interaction between a Hasid and a Misnagid of Litvak/German background is enjoyable to both of us.
    I can tell you that if need be, Joseph will be there to cover one’s backside.

    big deal

    Thank you for the clarification. I take it that the radical, twisted, insensitive views you spew on the other thread is also (bad) humour.


    I assume you are not Chasidish, CTL, but why do you think Joseph is?


    You are very right, Jakob! It is addictive. Apps like Cold Turkey can help by shutting off access to certain websites whenever hours you want.


    I make no secret of my Misnagid Litvak/German background. I am proud of my heritage.

    Why do I assume Joseph is Chadisish? From hundreds of posts he has made. His choice of words, attitudes and experiences…all point to him being Chasidish…and he has never contradicted my deduction. BUT, if he is feeling mischievous he might.

    I always say that growing up and living OOT you have to get along with all Jews. There aren’t enough Frum Jews in most communities to have separate shuls and minyanim. This morning the man davening for the amud at Minyan davened Nusach Ari, tomorrow, I have yarhzeit and will daven for the amud using an old Tikun Meir, nusach ashkenaz. Not a problem

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I have also noticed Josephs overwhelming support of the chassidish way vs all other ways but when I asked him specifically he claimed not to be chassidish.

    Not that that confirms anything.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Joseph a public school teacher?? That doesn’t sound too likely to me…

    don’t you have to go to college for that?

    I assumed he worked in some kind of business.

    I also never thought he sounded particularly chassidish. And I remember that post in which he told SYAG that he’s not.


    There is a difference between being Chasidish and being a member of a Chasidic sect.

    I’m a misnagid, but say Ebesther, but I also say Tayrah


    The whole world is a waste of time.

    One more year down



    Happy birthday to you. it must be your birthday today with becoming 1 year older now

    you are right that this world is a was te of time cause in truth it says in seforim including pirkei avos that this-temporary & physical-world is simply just a-long & bumpy-path to take us to the next world which is the olam haemes-the true real world.

    so if a person is niftar young C”V the positive side is that he is now actually doing better then if he would still be alive & remain in this temporary physical world



    IIRC sometime in the past year I read Joseph posting that he taught history in the NY public schools

    Now he posts that as a public employee he has accumulated so much time due him for personal days, etc. that he has time for kiruv.

    There are some who have accused Joseph of being a troll, I have found from experience, that trolls trip up eventually and post conflicting information/hints about themselves.

    I’m not saying he is a troll, but stories change on line to fit situations

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