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    People go crazy in the 9 days because you can’t have meat. Let’s take a poll how many times a week do you usually eat meat?


    I’m a milichegs person.


    Usually just leftovers from Shabbat. Maybe a couple times. Sometimes a BBQ on Sunday. This week, though, I plan on having steak. Hadrin Alach….


    On Shabbos if I’m at someone else’s house. Very rarely any other time.


    I eat meat Almost every night for supper.

    And yes I’m going crazy but isn’t that the point?


    i would eat it every meal if i could! i am a major fleishigs person!


    I would say I eat meat for dinner 5/7 days a week.

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    I’m a milchigs person too (it saves money) however my in-laws eat meat every day except Thursday and during the 9 days has to eat fish every day.

    anyway the reason people go berserk is because I want to have the possibility to eat meat even though I choose not to


    I don’t touch meat or chicken; I’m b’shitta a vegeterian. I do eat fish though. It seems like the 9 days became priviliged days in which you get to eat gormet milchig dishes which you can’t afford all year round.


    Can I ask what that shitta might be?

    I can”t imagine why someone would willingly stay away fron meat.


    What do you mean he don’t eat no meat?

    Oh, that’s okay. I make lamb.


    I love milchigs but eat meat about 3-4 times a week. Love fleishigs too now that I think about it. I just love to eat


    Where I live, cheese is so expensive! I never eat milchigs for supper during the week! I save it for when I go out to eat as a really special treat.


    Huh, fleishigs is less expensive than milichegs??


    I am counting down the days for this to be over!! I love chicken and meat!! I’d say I eat meat at least one out of three meals each day. sometimes both lunch and dinner..


    same here, yid


    Actually I suffer all 9 days. I don’t eat dairy or fish. I Don’t enjoy bread or potatoes much… go figure I eat meat or chicken just about every night.


    This thread makes some of us sound like spoiled brats with no respect for our traditions. If the Muslims can fast for 40 days we can go 9 days without meat (not including Shabbos night and day when we are allowed meat)! My gosh I can’t even believe some of the comments here!


    I would to eat more fleishigs but our kids are very picky eaters and most of the time its no possible to cook twice. So i dont suffer too much in the 9days and anyways shabbes is coming soon!!


    WIY- I agree with you btu why so harsh? i just think everyone should not make the 9 days into such a big issue. its supposed to be a little “uncomf” and not so “geshmake”


    ha ha. The 9 days don’t bother us at all, since we only eat chicken on shabbos/rosh chodesh/yom tov!

    We are accustomed to a vegetarian style of diet.

    You have to realize we have become very spoiled in America, as Jews. Our ancestors in Europe and beyond never ate like this. (chicken every night of the week)

    And even today in Eretz Israel you’ll see families eating vegetarian style all week and then just afford a bit of chicken to be yotze on shabbos.

    It is not necessary nor is it healthy!


    we eat meat like 2/5 days [not counting Shabbat] and a lot of my famil are vegetarians so my mother makes parve food with the meat


    Generally speaking, I eat meat only on the Sabbath and holidays.


    Excluding the 9 Days, Fast Days (and the night after) and Shavous I tend to eat meat or poultry twice a day.

    Back when I was single, mor with a small than 40 years ago, I had a fleishiges apartment service for 2 set of pareve. I drink my coffee black, and was happy with toast and pareve margarine, eggs and coffee for breakfast.

    B”H we have separate kitchens in our home and it is no problem for me to have a fleischige meal when the wife and daughters may be having milchiges.

    Today is Father’s Day. My youngest daughter made me salami and eggs for breakfast at 8 after I came from Minyan. I had a cookout at 1PM where I grilled burgers, franks, and steaks with veg kabobs, corn on the cob. Tonight after I get home from shul will be a cold meal. A tossed salad topped with sliced turkey, roast beef and pastrami.

    It’s a great menu to celebrate…three meat meals…I’m very satisfied.


    In my house, we eat meat on Mondays and Wednesdays (and obviously Shabbat), and dairy on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sunday is a freebie, but usually parve. Saturday night is dairy.


    Everyday except tragic 9 days; Even on Tammuz 29th until about a few seconds before Sheki’a, and most year on Ov 10th, instantaneously after Chatzos haYom.

    On other end of spectrum, I can go for days on end after Pesach without bread.

    BTW Leil Rosh Chodesh Ov is only nite of entire year when I am absolutely Makpid Gomur not to Daven early Ma’ariv so as not to commence affliction of 9 days even 1 second earlier than absolutely necessary.

    ☕️coffee addict

    twice a week (not including shabbos and rosh chodesh)(one day is leftovers from shabbos)

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