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    I know a guy who smells like garlic. And I mean he ALWAYS smells like garlic. I would imagine that it’s pretty close to

    impossible that he eats garlic at every meal, and I’m pretty sure the smell isn’t emanating from his mouth, anyway. I literally have to either back up a little when I talk to him or try not to breath too much. It might be some kind of chemical imbalance or perhaps very poor hygiene or a combination of both. He’s a very nice guy and I wonder whether he’s even aware of the problem. Is this something I can bring up tactfully so that he might possibly find a solution? I once worked in an office where there was a fellow who had terrible body odor. My boss didn’t have the heart to say anything, so he asked me (read: MADE me) do it. PS: The guy didn’t speak to me for a very long time. Should I say something or just shut up and mind my own business?


    Maybe he keeps garlic in his armpits in case he needs some.


    It might be some kind of chemical imbalance



    Are you a vampire?


    Seriously, it could be a STOMACH issue. Digestive problems often cause mouth odor. Also, he could have a dental problem, or maybe food is getting caught in crevices and he is not brushing and flossing well enough. And some people eat EVRYTHING with garlic. Go figure.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I would say you should post your story on a widely read website, and hope he reads it and gets the hint.



    lol. yes. the other guy is probably saying “why can’t i ward him off?”


    offer him candy stam. and give him a mint. NOT as a “hey dude your breath smells” just as a nice “here have some candy . it shouldn’t be that expensive.


    The smell isn’t coming from his mouth, so unless he tucks the candies under his armpits, I think we’re back to square one.


    Give me his number and I will give him a call and he will not have a clue who it is?!???!!


    Forgot that it’s still shabbos for you guys in the USA. Good shabbos!


    mention (after eating my tuna sandwich) how “I hate tuna breath, or any breath after lunch, and I love chewing gum, eating a mint candy after meals. I never knew it made such a difference!!”

    some time after that put a company bottle of mouthwash in bathroom and start a conversation about that how its really nice the company did that!!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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