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    This article was published in a widely-read frum publication. What do you think?

    How to beat a Speeding Ticket!

    How to beat a Speeding Ticket!

    What not to do:

    2. Do not admit guilt. Say nothing, if possible. The cop can use your admission against you in court. Better to say nothing or act dumb (see below).

    What you must do:

    3. Act scared! As if the ticket means the end of your life! Again cops waver at this point. They may not write it if they feel sorry for you.

    If you get a ticket:

    2. Remember everything about the situation! How much traffic, the weather, which lane you were in. Write it down if you are too stoned to remember the details.

    After you get the ticket/pre-trial plea or appearance:

    As the court date approaches:

    2. Request information (optional, it can work for you, or make them want to nail you more!) Also they mayor may not give you any of this depending on local laws:

    A- Copies of manufacturers names, including makes, models and serial numbers of all radar/laser guns in use by the Town/City/State Police Department.

    B- Copies of manufacturers recommended maintenance for all of the above stated radar guns.

    C- Copies of any manufacturer literature as it relates to the correct use, inkling but not limited to mounting, aiming, weather and traffic limitations, for all radar guns in use by the Town/ City / State Police Department.

    E- A copy of the authorized certification of training, issued to the officer who gave you the ticket, in the proper use of all radar guns in use by that Town/ City State Police Department he/she works for.

    F- A copy of the patrol car assignments for the date you got the ticket.

    Court- a frightening place

    What happens in court?

    Go check in with the clerk

    The judge will call your case The officer will testify first. You then question the officer.

    You then call any witnesses you have. The officer can make a closing statement. You can make a closing statement

    The judge decides.

    1. Wear a suit. If you look like a derelict, you will be treated like a derelict.

    2.Be nice. Being aggressive will just get you in trouble and solves nothing.

    3.It is the officers duty to prove you GUILTY. If he fails to prove your guilt the case will be dismissed.

    Check the actual wording of the code you violated. If the officer fails to prove guilt in any part of the code then you should be dismissed.

    Before an officer can use the radar/laser reading as evidence, he has to establish a few tings Jurisdiction Certification, up to date, accurate, traffic and engineering survey, radar /laser properly calibrated, tuning forks calibrated (with radar), FCC license, radar/laser unit appears on that FCC license.

    reading politely honor,

    If the officer was moving, when was his speedometer last calibrated? Have the records to see if he contradicts himself. If the officer guesses your speed throw something and ask him how fast it was going. If he is off by 3 mph at 15 mph then think about how far off he is at 35 mph.

    Ask questions like: What color clothing was I wearing? Did I have any passengers? What was the weather like? To see how well versed the officer is.

    See if you can attend traffic school in exchange for a dismissal of the charge (never bother your insurance. )


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    Cops do NOT want to be embarrassed by losing when they come to court.

    So… Be prepared for the fact that they WILL tell total lies to make their case, so DO have with you whatever concrete evidence you can have to prove your side.

    If it’s just your word against the cop’s, generally the judge WILL believe the cop.


    The way to beat a speeding ticket is to NOT speed.


    Yet another misguided attempt to play lawyer.

    If you receive a speeding ticket in New York City, your case is heard by the Traffic Violations Bureau of the Department of Motor Vehicles where most of this “strategy” will not work at all.


    good points.

    I don’t know about cities, but a practice I use when driving on the highway is to keep your speed less than 10 mph over the limit.


    if the limit is 65, do not exceed 73/74. At 75 and over you risk the ticket. At 73 you’re still driving fast enough to get you there. At 75 you risk a ticket.

    Similar in the city, if the limit is 30, do not exceed 37. but watch the school/park/children zones.

    I haven’t received a speeding ticket in over 10 years (bli ayin hora). only 1 stop sign ticket.

    above all, drive defensively–drive as if the other guy is a total idiot so as to avoid him.

    Patur Aval Assur

    Isn’t that dishonest? Is dishonesty something that you want to teach to all the innocent children reading this?


    Which publication? I’d like to check it and see if there’s any context.

    Of course, the best way not to get a speeding ticket is to just not speed in the first place 🙂


    90% of the advice in this article is wishful thinking. We all know that the reality in a courtroom is completely different than what this poster wants you to think. In real life, if the judge realizes that you are a pest, he can derail your case faster than the blink of an eye. If you have a genuine defense, you can bring out your point in a normal, decent way of testifying. And if the officer is lying through his teeth, there’s nothing you can do about it. The judge, (In most cases) will take the officer’s word over yours any time.


    Wow. Sounds like you got this down pat. I think the safest is to be polite to the cop giving you the ticket..If you try and act like a wise guy or real tough he will just get mad and really pile on the tickets..Do not try threatening him or say “see you in court” in a mean tone.Then your case will stick in his head and he will remember you. (I deal with cops all the time so I know)Most cops are just trying to do their job and don’t try to be mean about it, unless you start up!

    Some helpful tips:If you are pulled over for speeding and the officer asks you “Is there any reason why you were speeding”? the safest answer is “Im sorry, I did not think that I was speeding. I am a very careful driver and would not speed on purpose.” Notice that you are not admitting guilt, but you also are not calling him a liar, which would be a BIG mistake. Another tip is timing. The time to ask for leniency is BEFORE the officer goes back to the police car. If you have a good compelling reason say so.. Keep it brief and reasonable no long drashos..A good line is the following. ” I understand what you said and i am not going to argue with you, sir. I would never break the law on purpose. Could you please give me a warning? I try very hard to be a good citizen and the last thing I want is to receive a citation.” It might work, it might not. But it cannot hurt you. The main thing is to be POLITE.Good luck!


    I found that the best way to avoid speeding tickets is to tape an egg to the bottom of my ‘gas’ pedal.

    I also found the best way to get somewhere quick is to tape an egg to the bottom of my ‘brake’ pedal.

    …I hope this helps.

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