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    Is it just learning a lot? What does it take to become a Gadol? Like, being a Talmid Chochom isn’t enough, what else is required? Does a Gadol need to be Litvish, or can he also be a Sefardi, a Yekka, a Chabad? Does he need a beard? Does he need to wear certain clothes (an up hat, a Borsalino, a long jacket, talis kotton over his shirt)? Does he need a yeshiva or a rabbonus or a kollel? And at what point is he officially a Gadol – when appointed to Moetzes? How does one become a Gadol?!

    Sam Klein

    Remove yourself COMPLETELY from all physical pleasures and desires and devote yourself to Hashem and Torah.

    Build for yourself a life COMPLETELY %100 in bitachon and Emunah depending on Hashem alone. Not on rebbes, segulas and doctors etc…. They are the middlemen Gedolim go Directly to Hashem for help

    Hatzlacha Rabba


    pls explain the dif between a rebbe and a gadol
    Why is one a middleman and one goes Directly to Hashem

    Unless I misunderstood what you wrote

    Sam Klein


    I said YOU a person looking to become a future Gadol Hador. Should go straight to Hashem for help and not any middleman rather it’s a gadol or Rebbe or your local guides you turn to for life advice.

    Problem difference with rebbes that doesn’t apply to Gedolim is that some chassidim push it too far and treat their Rebbe like a g-d. We won’t mention which kinds of chassidusis you can think about it and maybe you can figure it out on your own


    I am available for consultations by appointment. Generally Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons work best.


    v’ohavta leraiacha komocha rabi akiva omer zeh klal GADOL batorah. ahavas yisroel makes you a GADOL.


    a yid should utilize all the kochos that Hashem gave him. Hashem gave each one the exact amount of kochos he needs to fulfill his mission in this world. not more and not less. if one utilizes all his kochos to the fullest, he is a godol. there is no mitsva to become a rosh yeshiva, a rov, a famouse askan etc. but one is required to become what he can become.


    A Gadol is generally recognized by Agudas Yisrael. אפילו כולנו חכמים etc. but it is in the hands of the Agudah. For example, REC was told by Reb Aharon that he knew Nashim and Nezikin well. He was the best in the Mir. But the Agudah passed him over.


    Who is REC?

    Now that Rav Brudny assumed Rav Berenbaum’s seat on the Moetzes for Mir, who will assume Rav Pam’s seat on the Moetzes for Torah Vodass? It seems Rav Reisman is on the way there.


    “Problem difference with rebbes that doesn’t apply to Gedolim is that some chassidim push it too far and treat their Rebbe like a g-d. We won’t mention which kinds of chassidusis you can think about it and maybe you can figure it out on your own”

    Where’d this come from?

    It’s funny how every single thread end up with the same things and it comes from right field (rebitzen might argue and say left:)) .
    did you really have to make this comment?

    I was asking something totally diff. Which u happened to answer nicely in the first paragraph


    Rav Berenbaum was never on the Moetzes
    He kept his distance


    The ‘Job’ of Gadol is primarily Carry the world on his shoulders and Pull It Forward

    The job of Rebbe is to carry yidden in the present

    Reb Eliezer

    When one follows the the mishna in the beginning of the 4th Perek of Pirkei Avos who is rich, strong, smart, and respected as described there is considered a Gadol.


    The Steipler says in a letter to learn 12 hours a day for years. Once you do that fir a few years you will find your unique hadracha and become a gadol.


    Read making of a godol?


    My husband learns ans dedicates himself ro Hashem. I guess he is on his way to becoming a Gadol. Which will make me Rebbitzen Golden Godal. Someone needs to put out a sefer on How to Become A Gadol In 100 Days.


    Would assume the REC is Rav Elya Chazan?

    There is no specific seat for any specific yeshiva. Never was. Mir did not have anyone on the Moetzes after Rav Avrohom Kalmanovitz was nifter until Rav Elya Brudny. Not R Shmuel B, and not R SM Kalmanovitz. Philly had both R Elya and R Shmuel for a decent period of time. Was R Yisroel Belsky ever on the Moetzes? Don’t think so. Telz always had someone, but not since R Chaim Stein was nifter, unless you count R AC Levin in Chicago. But he was on together with R Chaim for many years, so that would shlug up the sevara anyway. And now he’s gone, so how many slots does Telz get, and who gets them?


    WHat are the “levels of a Gadol?

    “Gadol HaDor” sounds like the top Gadol. But then there could be hundreds or even thousands of Gadol! Is there a maximum amount of Gadols?!

    Is there a “How To” to become a Gadol?

    Cna woman be a Gedola (or just an Isha Chashuva)?


    There’s a mishna in pirkei avos that lists 48 ways to acquire Torah. Follow that mishna


    First thing you have to do is get off the internet.


    At what point are considered a godol? Boki beshas? Have a following?
    Why should one strive to become a godol?
    Shouldn’t we just strive to become an oivid Hashem?
    Should teacher our children and students to learn to become a godol betorah, or learn because it’s Hashems Torah?


    You can be on the MGT and off as well. Like RJBS. But it seems that no Rabbonim are GT. Even though they know Shad like RAR. Years ago the RY were secondary. Today they are primary.


    There are tremendous talmidim chachamim who learn most of the day for year and who are very adeherant to Halacha and are not gedolim. It’s seems that gedolim don’t only accomplish in torah but in addition they feel pain for the pain of the klal, they can listen to Jews of all types and their pains and are always fully heathy into the tzibur.
    Gedolim are made day by day and not over night by always seeking to do ,to help and in most gassed to learn.
    Let’s not forget that “gadol” is a label there can be many gedolim that we will never even know about.


    So now that we know how to become a Godol, can a woman be a Gedolah (or is she regulated to simply being an “aishes chover” or an “isha chashuva”)?


    Here is a situation: a child (koton) becomes a Godol hador.

    Reb Eliezer

    There was a woman revered the Aishes Sma.

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