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    Someone decided to hide bags of onions and potatoes in a nook in the kitchen, and they rotted. Now it smells like a sewage backup. I’ve cleaned, scrubbed with soap and water, and used air freshener, but the smell persists. Any tips on getting rid of the stench?


    try baking soda.


    how about mixing bleach with water?


    I agree with #1- Baking absorbs odors in the fridge, so it would probably work in the nook.


    I meant #2.


    I used Tilex bleach on the floor where this happened to me. A couple of potatoes and some onions rolled under the table, so far back that even when we mopped the floor, we didn’t reach as far back as it had gone. The stench was awful, and we couldn’t locate the problem at first. Then we got tiny flies, and when I located the source, after finishing gagging, I cleaned out the mess scrubbed the stains with Tilex. Worked like a charm. Warning: DO NOT MIX BLEACH WITH AMMONIA OR ANY FLOOR CLEANER. It can produce a toxic gas as a chemical reaction. I water mopped the floor several times after using the bleach, to remove all traces of it.


    Thanks for the tips, much appreciated!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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