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    Any ideas how to locate a nice apartment to rent in Boro Park that won’t break the bank? In proximity of 16th and low 50’s for an adult couple. 2-3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bthrms, 1st or 2nd floor, porch, central heat and a/c, space for w/d and in good condition.



    Call up some long timers in boro park and have them check ir out. Or get one that is falling apart and make an arrangement with the landlord to have rentfree if you fix it up. Then you can rennovate it to your liking and it adds value to the place for the owners. Plus they know their property is in good care!! Hatzlocha Raba, hope you do well with it!!


    Look in a different area. The area you want is in the heart of Boro Park and apts like the one you are looking for go for premium prices. Go to the outskirts of BP and it should be much cheaper.


    I guess you mean one that is not currently lived in (or at least available for rent)…

    Do you live in Brooklyn? I think the best is to check the Torah Times and the Link if you have access to them. Next best is to check Hamodia/Yated but the stuff advertised there probably goes much more quickly.

    Good luck


    call me frum

    why are looking in boro park? what about eretz yisroel??


    Our needs for an apartment was the same as yours and we were successful through a broker, as many people(with apts. to rent) don’t advertise to try to make sure they will not end up with “problem tenants”. Yes, we did have to pay one months rent as her fee but it was far less than what our old neighbors had to put into such type of an apartment.

    Our apartment was in move in condition and the rent very decent.

    Papers as Hamodia and Yated will have apartments listed through brokers. You won’t regret it. Good Luck!


    The Talmud in Artscroll Kesubos (all about Yishuv Eretz Yisroel) quotes in the notes that with regard to living somewhere, its important to live with good neighbors as they have a affect on a person. It quotes the Mishna in Pirkay Avot (Chapter 6, Mishna 9) states:

    “Said Rabbi Yossi Ben Kisma:

    “I was once walking on the road, when a certain man met me. He

    greeted me, “Shalom,” and I responded: “Shalom.” He said, “Rabbi, from

    which place are you?” and I said to him: “I am from a great city of

    scholars and sages.”

    He said: “Rabbi, if you will live with us in our place, I will give you a

    million dinars, gold, silver, precious stones and pearls.”

    I replied: “Even if you give me all the silver and gold, precious

    stones and pearls in the world, I will dwell only in a place of Torah…”

    happy face

    Wow!!! That’s a nice size apartment u are looking for!! If you’re looking for an apartment that “won’t break the bank” you should check out the big apartment buildings on 15th Avenue and the low 50s. The apartments are not brand new, and may not meet “all” your requirements, but rent is decent!!


    Moshiach please come- Thanks for the idea, but it wouldn’t work for us. Besides, once the place would be fixed up we would constantly be at risk to lose our investment. Been there… done that… No thanks!

    Commonsense–If I had my druthers I’d move far from Boro Park. However because of the logistics (too complicated to go into details) this is the location we need to be in for the time being.

    Thanks Kapusta for your sensible advice. I’m finding that more and more ads in Hamodia, etc. are brokers placing the ads. With rents going as high as they do nowadays, I don’t have the disposable cash to spend an extra month’s rent to pay the commission.

    Call me Frum – Our children and grandchildren all live in NY–our parnossah is also in NY. While it would be a dream come true to make the move… it’s not in our immediate plans.


    Yes, you do need a broker. Hatzlocho. I’m gone for too long to know who the good brokers are in BP. Mrs. Raizy Brisman (Brisman Realty) on Coney Island Avenue and hmmm..Ave L or M.. in Flatbush is a very professional broker but I don’t think she handles apartments in Boro Park.




    you cant find any they are all taken & way too expensive to afford the rental, better just save up to buy a house so at least your monthly pay will go to a mortgage versus just rent


    better just save up to buy a house so at least your monthly pay will go to a mortgage versus just rent

    And houses in Boro Park go for how much?


    Don’t buy a house or rent in Boro Park. Go somewhere else. There are plenty of places in the world, and most of them are priced better.


    Brooklyn frum neighborhoods is expensive because it is in demand by frum families. It is in demand because it is the best place for a frum family to live anywhere outside EY.



    “brooklyn is the best place for a frum family to live anywhere outside EY.”

    is that so?

    a frum community filled with hundreds of stores of physical pleasures & fancy stores of food & expensive clothing is the best? better for frumkeit then a simple torah community like williams burg, new square or if not chasidish how about cleveland which has a large growing frum community but remains simple away from all the fantasies & yetzer haras (lakewood used to be a torah town devoted to torah & only stores of necessaties but now sadly the brooklyn crown brought the yetzer hara of the fantasy life with them when they moved to lakewood R”L &lowered the kedusha of lakewood)

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