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    I was curious to hear if anyone in the YWN coffee room knows of ways one can earn money online. I’m not talking about earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, I’m talking about earning a few thousand. I know people make money on Ebay, Amazon etc I’m just not sure how one goes about getting the products for a decent price in order to be able to make a profit by reselling them. I know there are other ways as well and would love if someone can help.

    Thanks in advance


    I make apps 🙂


    I make money selling online on eBay and Amazon.

    you go to trade shows and hit the pavement to get products


    Day Trading stocks. Could even do that on a smartphone.

    Little Froggie

    Try posting in the Coffee Room as a profession.

    I do.


    zahavasdad — Curious, what kind of trade shows? do you buy wholesale there?


    Write a blog about a topic you are knowledgable on and include advertising on the blog site.


    Utah: Day trading stocks is pretty risky and I don’t know anyone that has an actual buisess from it.

    appdev: You work for someone? Develope your own apps? Would you please tell me more about it or tell me where I can learn about it. Thanks


    Some of both. I used to freelance, now I work for a company. Occasionally I do a freelance project on the side.

    I also have some personal apps that bring in a residual (albeit small) income.

    There is a lot of free learning information online regarding app development. I was in Touro for computer science and I watched a YouTude course in Android Development (called Marakana Android Bootcamp) on the side.

    If you are interested, and the mods allow it, I will share some links to resources that I used.

    If you are motivated and willing to work hard for it, you can be developing apps in 6-12 months.


    appdev: OF COURSE I am interested. I’ll be honest that I have zero experience or knowledge about it, but it was always something that draw my interest. I know quite a lot about computers as well as some graphics, though I’m not sure if that’s a plus at all. How much of an income are we talking for how many hours of work?


    Little Froggie

    You could also pretend you know how to make, develop, maintain business software systems, from your home. You could pretend you know data manipulation, conversions etc.

    I do. (and they pretend to pay me)


    A man sees on online ad that says ” send me $50 and I’ll tell you my secret for earning money on the internet “

    The man sends the $50 and soon cones the response ” now you know”

    Old joke


    I don’t know much about it, but I have heard that there are many kollel people in Lakewood and Flatbush that make extra money by selling stuff on Amazon. You can’t do it properly without learning how, so don’t just jump in and try it out before someone teaches you. But I think it works something like this:

    Every item for sale on Amazon has a seller rating, which indicates how popular it is and how quickly/guaranteed it is to get sold if you tried to sell one.

    These entrepreneurs look for very hot selling items. Then they look to see if they can buy it elsewhere any cheaper, such as on sale in Best Buy or Staples, or with a coupon, etc… Sometimes they even pay the same price, but use Credit Cards or ebates or other reward programs that earn them money or mileage for each purchase.

    They sometimes might have the item delivered straight to Amazon’s warehouse from the place they bought it from.

    I think one of my neighbors is doing this, because he frequently gets UPS deliveries AND pickups of a lot of large boxes.

    Items might be toys, computers, or almost anything.


    BTW – App Development is a good legitimate business, but it probably requires certain skills. It might not be for just anyone.


    appdev: How much of an income are we talking for how many hours of work (an average)?



    Starting salaries w/o a college degree are in the 50k-60k range.

    With a college degree 70k-90k range.

    As a mid level software engineer +100k

    Senior level can get 130k – 150k

    If you specialize in an area you can pull in close or over 200k.

    The amount of hours depends on the work environment. Start-ups and smaller companies generally have longer hours, but more dynamic work environments and potential for a huge windfall down the road.

    Larger companies can be more stable, offering a standard 40 hr week but can feel more sterile and ‘corporaty’.

    But you should know that software engineering is hard work. Be prepared to put in lots of time and effort to grow your knowledge and skill set. Also, you will never stop learning. As a software engineer you always need to stay abreast with new technologies or risk becoming a dinosaur.


    How to make a lot of money online? The answer is SPAM.

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