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    Hi everyone,

    I just found out and very excited I am having a boy after many girls.

    HOwever, I only grew up with sisters, and my mother didnt have any brothers, and so we were a real “girl family”. Actually I ONLY had 2 little boy cousins whom I played with as babies. From the whole family that was it!

    What I am curious to hear/know is what should I know about boys?

    WHat should I keep in mind in raising a boy?

    How are they different from girls?

    I feel a little lost. But excited nonetheless. I am looking to my husband for leads on how to raise a boy, since he is a male. LOL

    But what advice does anyone have to say?


    A hearty mazel tov may you have nachas from all your children

    ☕️coffee addict


    let’s just say you’re lucky you have other kids that can help you with him, a boy being a first kid is tough


    i have 9 brothers so i think i qualify to post on this thread…

    i personally think boys are easier to raise than boys-1.they arent bratty 2. they don’t burst out crying every 5 minutes 3. they go for physical fighting more than emotional fighting like girls do 4.they don’t hold grudges forever-they forgive and forget

    the harder part about raising boys is that you have to try harder to entertain them…they get bored easier than girls…which you might have a harder with cuz its very possible that he won’t be interested in playing with his older sisters…and while girls will come home crying and tell you exatly whats wrong, boys will just be upset and you’l have to figure out the rest on your own…

    by the time he’s a teen you’ll be a pro at this and then you’ll have to figure out how to deal with teenage boys-those are a little complicated!!! but dont worry…you have time!!


    I have 5 brothers and they are so cute! Yes they fight and kill eachother and fight like cats and dogs but they do not use verbal insults and nasty comments to get back at the other one… the boys might beat each other but at the end of the day they usually end up close

    So happy for you! Mazel tov!


    B’Sha’ah tova!

    3 Points.

    1. Boys are in almost every way, EASIER to raise than girls.

    2. Boys are, overall, LESS EXPENSIVE to raise than girls.


    3. You will NEVER hear a boy say… “Do you think this outfit makes me look heavy?”


    Mazel Tov !


    Just raise him to be a good human being, the same way you are trying with a girl.

    You don’t need to do anything gender specific really, just personality specific.


    boys do care bout peer pressure just like girls- dont fool urself jut might come out differently


    On Beefsteak.

    Grass will give him stomach issues. Spinach is practically toxic.


    When you are changing his diaper, Make sure you work faster than a girl.


    boys- they are easier to satisfy. they are less naggy. they stay busy longer hours in a row. they have more simchas in their life. in the long run they leave the house by thirteen to go to yeshiva. so,are you more excited for your boy now? i hope the answer is yes. you should be……… good luck, until then.


    but then again. hes growing up in a girl home….he might end up learning from the girls ways…….lol

    ☕️coffee addict



    but I totally disagree on that boys are easier to raise than girls (at least until their a year and a half, hopefully it’ll get easier)

    pascha bchochma

    Boys are much more difficult than girls. They do more dangerous things and while they are less naggy, in order to grow up emotionally normal they need just as much attention as girls do. Unfortunately they don’t always get it.


    stock up on chicken and meat.

    am yisrael chai

    Daven, daven, daven.

    And when you’re done, daven some more.

    Same for the girls.

    B’shaah tova u’mutzlachas


    zahavasdad, you beat me to the punch with that answer.

    very true


    Boys tend to be more energetic than girls. They need to run around at top speed, waving sticks, shouting, jumping off high walls, swinging on the door frames.

    Don’t smother them – avoid the “Don’t do that, it’s dangerous and the like unless it really is dangerous.

    Boys are loads of fun!


    Thanks everyone for your nice wishes.

    Yeah, chocandpatience I know! just from babysitting a toddler boy once I observed that in the park on the climbing equipment, he was much fearless than a girl and didn’t have that inborn fear like a little girl has. We have to watch over them a bit more.

    zahavasdad, thats funny what you wrote, but also I heard once that you need to place it downwards when pampering a boy baby otherwise if its positioned up he makes wet above the pamper soaking his clothes? Is it true?

    m in Israel

    Yes, it’s true about the positioning while diapering (I’m mom to 4 boys).

    As SJSinNYC said, remember that although the generalizations are true when you look at groups (more wild, energetic, less verbal, etc.), when dealing with any one individual there are no hard and fast rules. You need to try to understand your individual child’s temperament and personality, not the general trends of boys vs. girls.


    i remember a nursery rhyme,

    what are little girls made of?

    sugar and spice and everything nice

    what are little boys made of?

    frogs and smails and puppy dogs tails.

    OK, thats just for the info…..

    but the idea is true coz one day your boy may bring home a cockroach he found and ask you for a box to store his new pet.

    get used to the idea….


    Since I was actually a small boy at one time & the fact that I’ve been around many of them as they have grown up, I’ll throw in some of my observations.

    I would make sure that you always have clean rags/napkins around to clean them up. But remember, soap is another toxic enemy of young boys. Use sparingly.

    Always have a first-aid kit available. Boys tend to get many scrapes, scratches,cuts & boo-boos. And boys don’t *really* feel any pain either, we only cry when we want attention. But the first-aid kit is just so that nothing gets infected & so that a boy can have an assortment of cool-looking band aids to show his friends.

    Boys like to get into everything & they like to go places, so you have to watch them so they don’t crawl up the side of the refrigerator or something. You laugh now, but just ask any boy’s mother & she will tell you stories of how he tried sled down the stairwell sitting on her favorite cutting board. Backwards.

    Toywise, they can be very creative. Just give them a cardboard box & they’ll be fascinated with crawling in & out of it for days. Or just give him a stick & he’ll spend hours whacking everything in site. It doesn’t sound like fun to most women, but then again, they never tried it. Their loss.

    And during some years of their raising, boys will be easier to deal with than others. The ages between 12-15 are not these years. But once they get past those years, they grow out of it (whatever “it” is) & they START to settle down & get focused in life….it seems like that during these years, boys really try to reach out to a “role-model” & they do not want to be around their parents (it changes though after they get through this stage). They usually get very impressionable at this age by whoever they find as being “fascinating”. You can use this to his advantage by getting him to study under a rabbi that he has a fascination with. He can grow very quickly with a rabbi that he is fascinated with, since boys at this stage have a lot of drive & energy. They just lack focus.


    Tikkunhatzot -! I can’t belive this. I too, use to sled down the stairs in our home. I also use to catch bugs, (sometimes do expoloratory surgery on them) and I also use to whack things with sticks, (including my little sister with my violin bow ). I forgot that I was what one might call a Tomboyish creative kid. I remember other girls squeeming at me touching bugs. Serious. Me and my sister were nicely dressed girls in pretty things with long hair but we were real boys! Ohh. We were so wild. Outside the grocery store they use to have this wall. It was just begging to be climbed. It was made of these large bricks with big spaces to stick your feet in. We use to find old grocery carts abandoned in the lane and then turn it upside down into a spaceship for hours.

    We use to fill glass bottles with water and then throw them at the ashphalt, just to see what would happen. Once that sent me to emergency for stiches in my foot. Oh wooww.. you dont know how relieved i am to remember all this, and make the connection that I have boy power and I understand them!


    Alwaysrunswith, it sounds like you know really know what to expect. That’s good.

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