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    Here’s a little tip for those leaving E”Y after spending some time there:

    When I left E”Y I sent about 120 kg of belongings by mail.

    Using sea mail, a 20 kg (44 lbs) package costs about 130 NIS to Europe and 155 NIS to the US.

    It can take up to 2 months or so to arrive, but it is cheap and it gets from any post office in Israel straight to your door in chu”l.

    Altogether, I sent 120 kg (264 lbs) for less than 800 NIS, from Israel to Europe. To the US, the same would cost you 930 NIS.

    Obviously a LOT cheaper than taking extra luggage on the plane, or sending it with a special freight company.

    We sent:

    * almost all of our clothing (in particular all winter wear) and bedding

    * almost all seforim

    * numerous other things, like numerous household items

    I definitely recommend it. One important thing is to use LOTS of tape to close the packages before sending them (they might get handled a little rough on the way) and put everything inside closed plastic bags. Also write the address on with adhesive stickers at least twice and put clear tape over that so it doesn’t get damaged if it gets wet.

    Mine arrived just fine, after 6-7 weeks. I’ll definitely do it again this way if I ever need to send large items from E”Y again.

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