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    Hi, everyone,

    One of my daughters has an extreme case of lice. She’s had it for almost eight months now. My wife combs her almost every day, and has tried shampoos, creams,and whatnot, and the lice just don’t go away.

    Anyone have a solution which really works?



    She is obviously being reinfected by someone else.


    SATURATE her hair every night with olive oil. Comb through with a lice comb. Use a plastic (disposable) shower cap for her to sleep in (this helps the smother process). Cover her pillowcase/sheets with junky towels (the towels won’t help get rid of lice but will help keep grease stains off everything). Wash it out in the morning (mix dish soap with shampoo. the dish soap cuts through the grease. shampoo alone won’t work). Do that for 2 weeks. Then go every other night, then once a week, etc.

    The lice WILL go away (you can tell by combing); make sure you get the nits out too.

    If it comes back she’s being re-infested, as popa mentioned.

    Recommended to treat siblings and parents as well, otherwise you’re liable to end up on an endless merry-go-round of lice.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    How old is she? If she’s more than three years old you might want to try heat treatment



    She’s older than that. What’s heat treatment?


    Try putting margarine in her hair. Cover her hair for about 5 minutes or longer with a bathing cap and then rinse off. It should help get rid of the nits. (A nit lady gave us this advice when I was younger and kept getting nits).


    NOW I am really itchy! Ahh, the power of suggestion! The nits MUST be removed carefully OUTSIDE your house preferably, but if inside, spread out a plastic disposable table cloth over the area where you are checking. This is a TEDIOUS and time-consuming process. Don’t try to rush it, or you will miss some nits and they will hatch, thereby restarting the whole cycle. Nits look like pearlized droplets on the hair – very easy to miss unless you check every strand.

    We went through this once many years ago. When some kids go away on trips outside the country or even summer camp, the places where they go are not so makpid about lice control, so the kids come back from winter recess or summer camp with head lice. They spread like wildfire. One louse can lay a LOT of eggs (nits). The follow up needs to be done for a few weeks. Oiling th head thoroughly helps to smother the live lice, but does nothing for the nits. I have heard a mayonnaise conditioning treatment helps to kill the lice AND make nit removal easier.

    Whatever you do, now is the one time you are applauded for nit-picking.

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    Lice and nits are more sensitive to heat than skins, so if you take a blowdryer on high for 30 seconds per section of scalp it kills them. Note- it doesn’t remove them. They are easier to remove once they’re dead though. Gather her hair in a pony or braid before school to keep her from getting reinfested from other children.


    If you google you’ll get some hits for tea tree oil or coconut oil.

    That being said, I recommend calling in a pro for a home visit. You might get some ideas where they are waiting around and/or why they aren’t going away.


    i totally agree with funnybone- get a pro to come into your house..also cud be a girl she is sitting next to a school or someone she is with on a daily basis


    1) GET A PROFESSIONAL! No offense, I am sure your wife is doing a great job, but if she misses one nit when she is combing, the whole problem starts again. My children have had lice, the rule is I try combing, if I still find after the third day, I go to a professional. It is expensive but it’s worth it.

    2) Precaution – I am sure you COMBED the rest of your children (checking is not enough this is too catchy), changed the linen, towels, bagged the brushes, washed and dryed her coat. Anything that came in contact with the hair(Nits do not die in water so washing machine is not enough)…..Yes, it is a big job, but this is how you get rid of it.

    3) you must call the school or playgroup and make sure that the whole class is checked PROFESSIONALLY.


    The above homepage has many free suggestions and was started by the first frum nit picker Abigail Rosenfeld.

    The frum women who run this were featured in many Jewish and non Jewish publications.

    Phone numbers of Frum female lice checkers are on the homepage as well. A few families I know of were helped by them Hatzlacha

    Ken Zayn

    “How to stop a very, very

    stubborn case of lice”

    It is truly a difficult problem and one that has been around for centuries with no real solution.

    I have been reliably informed that even the ancient Egyptians were afflicted with lice, and ever since, their country has always been ruled by nits…


    Shraga18 – I’m sure you have tried all the remedies above by now and it still didn’t work. Oh and btw, they have electronic lice zappers that instantly kill lice and electronic combs that make combing much easier.

    But if you did everything above and the lice isn’t killed – you need to get a prescription for Lindane (toxic to infants, lactating or pregnant women) or .5% Malathion. The lice is hardly ever resistant to these drugs.


    got this from a professional. drench hair in olive oil & let sit for 45 mins. Rinse first with dish washing liquid (to remove oil),then wash with regular shampoo & then conditioner. comb hair thoroughly. Repeat this process exactly a week later & all should be fine.

    now the trick is that afterwards only use COCONUT shampoo. keeps the nits/lice away. they dont like the smell. i had a major problem 4 years ago & B”H since then all ok.


    Abigail Rosenfeld told me that the electric combs don’t work.

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