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    I have a very simple piece of advice that’s guaranteed to work. People want to keep the high and it is possible. If you think about it, what brought about the high in the first place? I would think it was Davening with Kavanah, with an emeskeit, real sincerity in prayer. Feeling the words.

    If we want to keep our Yom Kippur we should continue to daven how we Davened on Yim Kippur. Ok I’m not saying it will be easy or you will feel exactly as you felt on YK because YK is a special time where Hashem is very close to us plus we are fasting and you have the whole environment of Tefillah and Teshuvah.

    However we can get close to Hashem through Tefillah and if Hashem sees our sincerity He will come closer to us. Karov Hashem Lchol Korov Lchol Asher Yikreu Bemes, Hashem is close to all who call out to Him in truth and sincerity.

    A few tips to make it easier

    1. Daven from a siddur with a translation or learn the meaning of the words.

    2. Come on time to Davening so you aren’t rushing to play catch up.

    3. Try to Daven in a shul that the Oilum davens like metchen and not busy shmoozing the whole chazaras hashatz and the baal tefillah rushing like he has a gun to his head.

    4. Try not to daven next to your “buddies” or the chevra that shmoozes.

    5. Sit next to people who daven with kavanah you will find it much easier to daven with kavanah there.

    6. I think it is also helpful for one to learn the Hilchos Tefillah


    Do you have any advice for girls?



    Well I don’t know exactly, but you can certainly make an effort to Daven how you davened on yom kippur if that applies to women too. If there is anything else that gave you a chizuk on yom kippur, maybe not speaking Loshon Hara or having a more loving feelings towards others and being dan lekaf zchus? I’m sorry if none of this speaks to you, I really can’t give such advice for women, I think some of the women here like aries or some others can give you good advice in that area or speak to someone you know who would have such advice.



    OK Thanks.

    I just like to hear people’s ideas, but don’t worry I ask in real life too.



    Do yoy get Hakhel daily emails? for a sampling

    One idea I heard was based on the pronciple that ??????? ????? ?????? change siddurim every so often


    There was a famous shmuz (I think from Rav Nosson Vachtfogel) to his talmidim on motzai yom kippur. He gave a mashal to one who builds a mansion and then makes a big chanukas habayis to commemorate his achievement. During the celebration he fell off the roof of his house. When he landed he started crying that his house collapsed, but his friends told him that his house is still standing, just he fell off. So too our avodah on Yom Kippur lifts us up to a great height, and even if later we fall from that level- the avodah was not wasted and next year we will return to our tower and build it even higher.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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