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    HOW did you know. (examining skills, being realistic.) THe Truth is, i want my job handed to me on a silver platter, but i know that silver has gotten a lot rarer these days.


    I still dont know what I want to do in life. I think many people just find some kind of job that they think they can do and will help pay the bills. Or go into the family business…


    I’m 18. I knew that i want to be an actuary for about 2 years. I don’t think i’m going to change.

    I personally don’t understand how people don’t have plans. There are so many boys who say ” I’m gonna learn short term”. A lot of them have no education past high school. What’s their plan? What are they gonna do? As they say “money does’t grow on trees”. I’d like to add “neither do jobs”.

    Of course one must have Bitachon, but you need Hishtadlus too.

    (HIE BRO)


    I knew as a teenager what I wanted to do, but I have never been able to figure out a way to get a decent paying job, doing it.

    So I have a low paying lousy, fear filled job, and do what I love, for free (while some others, make millions at it).

    And since some will ask, I can’t get those jobs because I do not know the right people, or have any way of getting their attention.


    hereorthere: And what job is that may i ask?


    oooh, i’m so curious hereorthere…your good at being suspenful…

    and whats an actuary?

    i wanna be a nurse/doctor!!


    HIE, something where I could get paid to discuss things and argue with those who disagreed.

    Back then the only thing that I thought kind of fit the description was being a lawyer, but I never had the money for the education.

    Even better these days is being a radio talk host like Sean Hannity who makes millions from each his radio ad his TV show and I know for an absolute FACT that I could do a better job then Hannity does.

    But I have no connections.


    My father always says to me when we discussed this exact topic “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

    You need to look at something you’re good at, and you enjoy and many times you see that there’s a way to transform this into a profession.



    if you’re as good as you think, do sales!!

    tomim tihye

    While there are lots of books that may help you figure out the best career path, the one that worked for me, personally, was “Do What You Are”.


    musiclover – i am doing what i love. and i abosolutely LOVE it, my heart is in it and i throw myself into, however everyone is screaming taht you can’t support a family like this, it barely pays the bills… what am i supposed to do? I actually asked a shaila cuz i once leanred from the chovos halvavos, that if its bashert that youll be rich Hashem will send you the money through whatever work you do, and that one should chose a job/profession that they like and that they identify with. The posek said he didn’t have an answer because this sounds like the opposite of the gemara- That you should take a job that’s profitable.

    Dr. Pepper

    HIE- I decided when I was 12 and never regretted it.

    My math teacher back then was very arrogant and he told me and my parents that I would never “make it in life” if I went into anything math related. He also told us that that he would never be able to pass the first actuarial exam.

    At that moment I decided I wanted to be an actuary even though I didn’t know what it was. I’m very happy with the decision.


    Problem with doing what you like is , ( as music lover29

    says), that it doesn’t always bring him enough money.

    So it isnt’ practical to do what you like.

    So, we take our second best option.


    Dr. Pepper:

    Actuary is becoming more popular as boys push off working for Kollel, but can still take tests. I know a number of Bochrim/Kollel who are working on it.

    I hear though thet the tests are extremely difficult, and not worth starting with if you can’t do calculus (or even harder stuff) in your brain.


    DP: did you pass all the exams? what type of actuary are you?


    GAW: I heard that its not good to have too many tests (tops 4) w/o work experience.I think the reason is b/c after the 4th the exams are more business related. Correct me if I’m wrong. So if you’re in kollel, you don’t wanna take to many exams.

    Dr. Pepper


    The tests are challenging but they can be done. If you plan on learning in Kollel for a few years make sure you still get a secular degree on the side, finding a job nowadays is very competitive and not having a secular education will hurt you.

    But it is a good profession for those just leaving Kollel as staring salary is in the $60,000 (plus benefits) a year range for one exam and zero experience.

    From what I hear they recently removed calculus from the first two exams, but don’t be fooled! They assume that you know calculus and it will be on later exams.


    The problem with taking too many exams before any work experience is that employers are wary that a new hire will be overqualified for a job. In other words, the new hire will be jealous that others with the same amount of exams have more responsibility and get paid more. Insurance companies spend a vast amount of resources training the new actuaries and they are concerned that the new hire will always be looking for new opportunities somewhere else.

    If you are seriously interested I highly suggest you speak with an actuary while you are in college so that you can take the relevant courses.

    cholent guy

    Well, I want to be a CIA agent. I’m learning Hebrew and will learn Arabic and Chineese.


    idk, i just ask hashem to help guide me on the proper path for me….


    its SO annoying!! i wanna do a hundred different things but none of them are practical unless i build myself up to something big…….so i dont know what to do……..


    Who wants to give me an idea what to do?

    Y’know what- let’s have a CoffeeRoom competition: You can all try ‘sell’ your amazing jobs to me, and in the end, I’ll tell you which one appeals to me most, whadaya say?

    And, the competition begins! 🙂

    tomim tihye

    cholent guy: re: CIA- they’ll accuse you of divided loyalty, leaking info to Israel.

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