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    Tora Yid

    A poster, unbelievably, opined that he descends from apes, per his acceptance as fact of evolutionary theory, and yet claims fidelity to the Torah statement that Adom Harishon as the first human being was created from dirt by Hashem with having no parents (human or animal). Such a claim defies both the Torah AND modern science and is simply contradictory with each other (i.e. Adom being first human created from dirt with descent from apes.)


    I understand how it defies modern science, but how does it defy Torah?


    If you were to believe that apes were akin to dirt, that might explain it, somewhat. No?

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    why can’t a person descend from apes and Adam HaRishon?


    Adam harishon was created from the earth (that’s what the torah says;it does not say man was created from ape). If man was created from both Adam and ape it would mean that man came first, then ape, then man again. That defies logic. The theory of evolution s that a species starts out one way, then evolves into another (but not back into the first again).


    Some posters in the CR are a strong argument for people descending from apes.


    If you believe the Torah and its description of Adam’s creation you must reject evolution and its description of man’s descent from ape.

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    According to Darwin, many of the posters in the CR should have been extinct by now…


    Many are. LOL


    Evolutionary theory and a literal understanding of Creation need not necessarily conflict. The assumption that some apes evolved into humans does not preclude Adam from being formed from Earth. Does it?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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