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    what makes good jewish humor? what makes it funny .


    funy is what makes humor funny ha ha corny no


    Too many times, so called “Jewish humor” was cloaked in terms of racist, mycogonistic or ethno-derogatory jokes which sadly weren’t really funny and perpetuated the types of negative stereotypes through which yidden themselves had been victimized. Many of the “chelm” stories and jokes we heard growing up were fairly innocent and not especially problematic whereas the Jackie Mason/Borscht Belt humor was incredibly inappropriate in its derogatory treatment of goyim and certain yidden.


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    common saychel do you realize how hypocritical you’re being?? First of all, nobody in this thread has said anything troll-like, its been kept on topic (for the entire 4 message convo), and 2nd of all, you yourself are being a troll! you are going around the coffee room, (I’ve seen you in multiple other places), and writing this paragraph which is irrelevant and is only going to start arguments. You arent the first hypocrite I’ve encountered on this site, and i’ll tell you the same thing I’ve told other people who’v said not to do something and did it themselves (like what your doing) :
    Kshot Atzmicha Viacharkach kshot acheirim. Its that pashut.

    Reb Eliezer

    The neis was the first day after finding the oil, everyone relying on the same hashgacha.

    ☕️coffee addict

    A rabbi, a priest walk into a bar in Staten Island

    Oh fine…..

    catch yourself

    I agree with GH (which doesn’t happen often). The way many Jewish people talk/joke about non-Jews in general, and especially minorities, is repulsive.

    Good Jewish humor is self deprecating, and usually is based on Halachic or Minhag anomalies or (superficial) inconsistencies.

    Jewish humor often has an element of morbidity, as in:
    “What, Moshe, there were no graves in Egypt?”


    jewish humor dosent have to be putting down anybody, or making fun. there is plent of good jewish humor that is not derogatory or mean. the humor colum in the inyan of hamodia is extremly funny and still not racict and mean. the jokes are based of the intresting facts of life that everyone experinces and althoughn they may be exagerated a little their still sensetive to everybody. so i think everybody should try following in his path . i will not mention his name but i think its quite obious and also he wrote a few books

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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