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    רוממות Black Lives Matter בגרונם.


    Aiding and abetting and promoting and directly causing
    and post facto ho humming/ignoring black on black murder and mayhem and hopeless black slum lives futures בכל מעשם.

    Leftists are are the only serious (and quite large) overtly racist group in the United States. They cynically use the blacks as pawns to achieve their political ends, replacing the physical slavery of the past with the mental slavery of the modern welfare state.

    Like the Palestinians, the Democrats have not changed
    their goals, only their tactics when they realized they had
    lost the initial battles for subjugation of the Other.


    Dear By,
    You understand that the Democratic party ruled the south for most of it’s existence.
    If you divide groups of people along any ideological line, it is easy to accuse them of whatever you want in the name of disagreement. View them as individual humans with singular actions and see if your line of reasoning holds up.

    Someone in Monsey

    True enough. As this problem – which is unquestionably a problem of outright subversion – is at least 55 years old, the glaring question is how to deal with it. In general, they’re an unrepentant group, so rational discourse is futile. Short of physical force, the only apparent solution is ideological force, meaning that the ideas of normalcy and civilization must be fought for with a ferocity that surpasses the Left’s will. Again, by ‘fighting’, the meaning refers to the battlefield of ideas.


    BY1212 – “They cynically use the blacks as pawns to achieve their political ends, replacing the physical slavery of the past with the mental slavery of the modern welfare state.”

    Is that your Birthday?

    You see how Hashem runs the world.
    They did it to further enslave Blacks, because of their White Guilt. Thinking it’s good for Them?!?
    But me & a lot of Frum People, enjoy the Welfare State!


    1. “Right” or “Left” is irrelevant, except to inform others of how divoted you are to talk radio.
    2. Democrats have not “ruled the South for most of its existence”. Because I said so.
    3. Y’all had better pray on bended knee that the judge hearing the case for summer camps is an old school bleeding heart liberal, because a law and order judge would laugh the case put of court.


    Were the Nazis hypocrites for hating Jews? Are those who wish to be tyrants hypocrites for hating those whom they wish to enslave? Is a wolf a hypocrite for wanting to eat the sheep?


    Dear Ymribiat,

    1) Right or left is very relevant when putting on shoes.
    2) Google, “Solid South”.
    3) ‘Liberal’ and ‘law and order’ are not antonyms.


    I think Law and order has to do with standing for law and order. not deciding it.



    Arguing just לקנטר is not a positive trait.



    But me & a lot of Frum People, enjoy the Welfare State!

    I thought you were a Doctor



    “Were the Nazis hypocrites for hating Jews?”

    This is not a really crucial point since you seem to agree that the left is evil which is my main point, the vehicle how I expressed it is if less importance, but for the sake of clarification:

    If the Nazis had written in der shturmer how unfair it was that Jews suffered so unfairly in Europe for 2000 years, and we need to pay them all the learn in kollel or something to make for it and pretend to be reformed and make themselves a name and getting kovod for being an enlightened bunch and using that newfound title of being enlightened to score points in various arenas, yes they would be hypocrites.

    But in a certain sense they were an easier enemy to deal with bc it was so obvious that they were evil. They kind of ruined it for there ideological heirs: the modern day left who always has to be hypocrites and pretend to be for love and peace anf whatever when in reality they are just modern Nazis. But the subterfuge enabled them to win hearts and minds like the shikelgruber never could.

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