I am getting the evil eye from a squirrel next door and I dont know what to do

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    Listen, I will tell you what happened. Its not a joke. I don’t know what to do about it. I feel really bad but 3 nights ago a baby squirrel left the mother’s nest in the roof of an abandoned house near ours. And it could be seen for a good hour curiously exploring the garden. Then the mother discovered it, upon her return from hunting or whatever squireel mothers do all day, and she cuddled and bonded and sort of like hugged it for a while, and then tried to lure the baby back into their nest, by demonstrating the jump necessary to access the pole up to the roof. He couldn’t do it. The metal pole was just too wide for his grip and too slippery.. So she would come back down and try to re-demonstrate a few times again for him.

    Meanwhile, We (our whole family) was watching this, glued to the kitchen window the whole time. In the end, it appeared that she went up into the nest and waited for baby to follow but he apparently never did.

    Because a) I have never seen him again since

    b) She had this sad look on her face the next evening at the same time, seemingly waiting for him to appear just as the day before.

    c) I intuitively felt/saw she looked like a little grivence ridden. I dont know if you have ever seen a little furry 4 legged thing grieve over the loss of its babies, but I have once, and its a pitiful sight. SHe looked like that.

    Now the problem is that every time she sits around the banister outside her nest she looks at me with these really weird eyes. Really intensely like that kind of look a mother would give a suspicious charachter, after the disappearance of her child. In short, I think this squirrel thinks I had something to do with it. I feel so bad. Being a human has given us a bad rap, because we can and have hurt animals and they know it.

    Has anyone ever had this problem before and if so, can you advise me?



    Call pest control.


    oh sure then I will really be able to live with myself, lay my head down at night with a clear conscience, knowing I have now evicted a bereft mother- making her newly homeless!


    Take the squirrel to grief counseling.


    This certainly is making me rethink my strategy of walking (a little bit) away from my kids when they don’t want to follow me home!

    Hm. Ok, first daven.

    Then, can you put up a mirror or some reflective material near her nest, so that instead of giving you the eye, she’ll see herself and start to consider her own role in this tragedy?

    Maybe stop looking at the squirrel. By seeking out her gaze you are acting suspiciously. Behave normally, that is, pretty much ignore the mother squirrel–since you are INNOCENT, aren’t you?–and she will probably find some other being to blame, such as a stray dog. But if she starts walking on your windowsill, pressing her face to the glass, or knocking to get your attention, and then waving her fisted paw menacingly, it might be hard to maintain that behavior (or what’s left of your composure).

    Perhaps search for the baby squirrel? Or go attempt to find a prospective adoptive baby for the mother, you know, some other abandoned baby squirrel?

    You might also consider that since squirrels, being rodents, have bulgy beady eyes with no visible whites, whenever they look at us it seems a strangely intense gaze. Could you, possibly, be reading a bit much into this?

    Most importantly, if you find any gift-wrapped acorns on your front porch, DO NOT TOUCH THEM! Call poison control, or the bomb squad.



    Your only alternative is to climb a tree and act like you’re nuts… 😉


    and yet, think about the way we interpret “loh tikach ha’em al ha’banim.”


    Have you asked for her forgiveness three times?


    I don’t think it’s ‘Choshed’ you. A suspicion is an intellectual function. The animal is upset, but shallow. It is not reading deeper into things and neither should you.


    why are you analyzing a squirrel?!?!!?! do yourself a favor and get a job


    give it a peannut butter sandwich to cheer it up.


    Ty! makes great baby squirrels.


    i think you should seek advice from yoyo


    oh you guys are too hilarious! I had a good laugh at ursula momish. Thanks for the advice haleivi, my daughter has been saying the same thing here, that i am reading too much into it. That they dont suspect such deep things.


    i suggest buying the squirrel a 50 pound bag of nuts as a peace offering. make sure the squirrel follows you as you place it a few blocks from your home.


    get a bb gun.


    ha ha i like the suggestion of a peanut butter sandwich. THen he will know i am a friend and not enemy.


    They don’t suspect so much, but they do jump to conclusions.


    Make the squirrel into a spodik.


    Pcoz, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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