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    yossi z.

    Dear posters of the CR,

    So my father calls me up … (See mazal tov! Thread).

    I am sorry for doubting any of you.


    sorry. i am not understanding. i saw this line (“so my father calls me up”) in the mt thread and didn’t understand it there either. enlighten us??? sorry i’m just havin’ a slow day- feelin’ a lil’ under the weather.


    Mazel tov?

    yossi z.

    The april fools prank reached my father before I caught it.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Ur confusing them even more yossi

    yossi z.

    Ok. I pulled an april fools joke on the mazal tov thread that I was engaged. I called april fools here but I had already pushed the joke out onto facebook (hold back comments please) and it reached my father through a cousin. I started this thread to apologize for doubting those people that I pranked.


    and just what did ur father say when he heard his son was engaged???? (just wondering cuz one time someone ran into the place where my father worked, and wished him a big mazal tov. my father looked at her and said “thank you but what’s the mazal tov?” and she said “i just heard your daughter is engaged!” my father said “really? how come i didn’t hear about this!”

    turns out someone who has a very similar name to mine had gotten engaged, and its not a very common name.

    so i know its a totally diff situation, but i’m interested to know what ur fathers reaction was!


    what do u mean by doubting them i dont understand what reaction did u get that proved them worthy.

    yossi z.

    The situation between me and my father is completely different as I don’t think he has realized/accepted the type of life I live. I don’t think he was happy even before I said it was a joke.

    They were actually and truly purely happy just for me. I didn’t think the care ran that deep, and for that, I apologize.


    oh i didn’t get that either. thanks for explaining. i can’t speak for everyone else, but i accept your apology. hello we are the cr, of course we CaRe!

    yossi z.

    Aww thanks 🙂


    oh and i’m sorry to have brought up a sore topic when i asked about ur fathers reaction. i simply didn’t know (well, i guess that’s obvious).

    yossi z.

    Nah it’s ok. It was open anyway. I just wish it didn’t have to be so complicated for me to date or get married.


    well, here’s giving you a big bracha that everything should go smoothly for you in the parsha (and yes, as well as every other aspect of your life) and that it should be surprisingly uncomplicated for you! hatzlacha rabba, Hashem is on your side, and we are all rootin’ for you!

    CR, cuz we CaRe 🙂

    yossi z.

    AMEN! Thank you 🙂 kol hamevareich mitbarech! From our mouths to Hashem’s ears!

    I like the signature 🙂



    hey mods can you change my subtitle? how about: (:CR, cuz we CaRe:)


    What you deserve for pulling a prank like this is getting engaged / married. That will teach you a lesson, you’ll not soon forget 🙂

    yossi z.

    Kinda like the maamar chazal about somebody who pretends to be poor … At least now I have a guarantee from the chachamim (kind of)


    lol this thread made me smile. thanks


    peerim, why does it make you smile? just wonderin’ 🙂


    well you cant be any worse that that crazy story about a teen girl who posted on her facebook page that her father gives her WAY to many chores her father found out


    talk about over reacting…

    (and he pasted the video of him doing it on her page)

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