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    I am looking for a Purim kugel recipe.


    1 cup Purim

    2 eggs

    1/2 cup oil

    salt, pepper, wine

    bake350 2hrs


    What is it about the composition of a Purim kugel that makes it stand-out from your average day kugel?


    *** Attn: 3-year-old thread

    Thread from 2015 … thank you 🙂


    Recipe for Purim Kugel:
    Start with a take out 2-lb Kugel from Greenfeld’s on Lee Avenue In Willy (or whatever is the best source fo an Ungaresh style kugel in your neighborhood), soak in 3/4 cup of Johny walker red (or your favorie scotch) and warm in oven at about 275 degrees for about 15 minutes before serving. Call Uber for a ride to shul fo Megillah.

    Chofetz Chaim 1

    Here is a very good recipe, I use it every year in my mishloach manos.
    hcapahaniv uh KUGEL
    2 cups of chocolate liqueur
    4 eggs
    4 potatoes
    2 cups of vinegar
    2 spoons of salt
    1 cup of brown sugar
    1/2 onion
    sprinkle a cup of bartenura
    cayenne pepper to taste


    GH: Either night or morning why would you need Uber? One is fasting for the megilah at night; you can’t eat before shachris in the morning.


    iacrisrmma: Because after a few bites of this special ungareshe Purim Kugel, you will have been yotzeh the mitzvah of ad shelo yada mincha from shachris.

    BTW: where do we bring down from chazal that eating kugel on Purim is m’doraisah??

    Chofetz Chaim 1

    Has anybody tried my kugel.
    It tastes good with a shot of glenfiddich on the side.
    If it is not sweet enough, you can sprinkle dominos confectionery sugar on the top of the kugel to put more taste on your palet


    I tried it, it’s Amazing it hit the sweet spot (if you know what i mean)I am using it in all my mishloach manos. I think it could use more chocolate liqueur and less potatoes. You’ve got a perfect mishloach manos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fregleglechen Purim-By HaRav Hagaon Hagoadal Hador Hanorah Hadir Avraham Moshe Halevi Shlita may he live to see mashiach Amen Amen Selah vaed, Modim Anachnu laach…..( much nachas )……………………………………………..

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