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    But if he would have been chicken, he wouldn’t have been able to stay on the same side of the road as the duck.


    I sent in a letter; they chose not to print it. Hey, can someone please tell me how to start a thread?


    In the grey bar above the sticky threads there are the words “topic – add new”. Press the “add new” and you can start a new thread. Looking forward!


    I’ve got a question, Rocky. Are you “Chimlobuni” on YouTube?


    do you know 2 mutar thinks that when you put them together they are assur?

    the answer is not milchig and fleshing


    Of course, nolonsemhelp-

    Matza & wine at the Seder.

    But we already have a gebrochtz thread.

    And you wouldn’t believe how seriously people take food around here.

    So let’s not start another one.


    haha ok that could be the answer. i actually have no idea because someone challenged me ith this question and i have to go back to them and say my answer… =)


    I might be Chimlobuni. Then again, I might not.


    Linen and wool. Money and other people. Phone and water.


    I was in Harrico Pharmacy today and there was a discussion going on regarding kosher l’pesach batteries. You can’t make this stuff up.


    Wow. Where do you get those? Do I still have to kasher my smoke detector?


    Please Y & P aka R, Don’t leave us in suspense!

    Where can I buy certified kosher l’Pesach batteries??

    Mine conked out and I can’t move.

    And I still have tons to do…


    Shaatnez, fish and meat, drunk guys on Purim and an automobile. I could go on and on…


    Why laugh at the Pesachdig batteries? You can never know what goes on under those covers. Maybe somewhere in the mechanical / technical / chemical / electrical matter there’s some chometz.


    I think I’ll convert to Hare Krishna. Or Breslov.


    I don’t think one should express that first sentence. It’s not something a Jew should ever utter. Not something humorous.


    hehe. udder.


    Little Froggie: Who says I was joking?

    PS: Lighten up!


    Y & P. Obviously you didn’t get it. I don’t know who PS is, but I do “lighten up”. You, again obviously, don’t know me, or my previous history here. One would say I’m from the more “lightened up” members of the CR (actually of humankind too). After all attempts to… I haven’t gone totally sour…

    Still there are some things I would never joke about. “Going to convert to idol worship” is one. Lashon hara, ona’ah and halbanas panin are another I try to keep away from. (you’d be surprised at how many posts I compose only to trash them because of a slight concern)

    Sorry for intruding into your own personal thread..


    Chas V’shalom, no need to apologize. Obviously you don’t know me either, but I decided long ago that many Jews, certainly not all, have gone completely, totally bonkers. Unfortunately many of them reside here in Flatbush, so it’s sometimes difficult for me to remember that the “new-chumrah-of-the-week” crowd does not represent Judaism-at-large and is certainly not what the Ribono Shel Olam intended or wants. And while I kinda, sorta joke about joining another religion, one where the only requirement is dancing around all day in a saffron robe, leider, leider I’ll betcha a majority of their members are formerly Jewish kids who found our beautiful, uplifting yiddishkeit too restrictive and tragically left the fold.


    So Rocky, where were you summer of 1984?


    Can you please post the nonedited version of last weeks letter, and maybe a redline against the version they published?


    FYI: I met Mordy today and he told me that there are some Rabbonim in Flatbush who are pressuring him not to publish ANY of my letters, period. Apparently they don’t think people should be allowed to laugh a little on Shabbos. They don’t want any of what they consider “letzonis” in the FJJ. Frankly I have a good mind to just chuck the whole enterprise. I don’t want to be in middle of a machlokes; it’s simply not worth the aggravation.


    efsher contact yated and see if they’ll carry your “column”?

    or country yossi?


    Are you kidding? Ya’ated is ever worse!


    If u r really Rocky,

    What happened to ur parakeet on 49th Street?


    In what year will the world end? When will Mashiach come? Who is Mashiach? Will the Orioles win tonight? How much do I weigh? how tall am I?


    FYI: I met Mordy today and he told me that there are some Rabbonim in Flatbush who are pressuring him not to publish ANY of my letters, period”

    OR – perhaps THEY can refrain fromr eading the letters. it will do wonders for their blood pressure (speaking of pressure). Personally, I look forward to your columns weakly…er…weekly. Have a great Shabbos and and even better Pesach.


    RE: My parakeet. A better question would have been “what was his name?”


    “So Rocky, where were you summer of 1984?”

    I think I was in Kaufman’s in Monticello. I think.

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