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    Thanks so much for asking. Baruch Hashem, I think the infection is gone. I have been having EXTREME bone and joint pain however. I go to the Infectious Disease Dr. tomorrow. Hope I get a clean bill of health.


    sorry about the pain, I hope you’ll be able to get it under control very soon. Keep us posted about your doctor visit. Is the PIC line gone? Are you up and about again?


    Yehuda Tzvi, the most important thing is to daven for yourself. HaShem listens closely to the tefilos of cholim. also if you daven for others then yourself, HaShem answeres you first.

    Refuah Shelaima!


    refuah shelema!

    am yisrael chai


    I’ve still been saying Tehillim for you.

    Please let us know when you’re all better be”H.


    Wanted to let everyone know that B”H it seems that I am infection free. I couldn’t go to my Inf. Disease Dr. last week due to my ride having to cancel. I am going on the 21st (I”H) and hope to get a good report.

    For those davening and/or saying Tehillim for me, I want to thank you again. I have an ongoing congenital bone condition that causes fractures in my legs. I have fractured both femurs over a dozen times. Though I am (I”H) free of infection, a mention of my name for refuah or a kipitel Tehillim if you are saying it for others would always be greatly appreciated.

    This Thursday I have my first foray into bringing in some parnassa after nearly two years without (due to the fractures, surgeries and infections). If you could put in a good word Upstairs for hatzlacha, I would be eternally grateful. I guess that name would be Yehudah Tzvi Ben Chanan HaCohain. In return, I will GLADLY daven for you if you are in need of refuah, parnassa, shidduch or ANYTHING. Please feel free to post and let me know. I will update (B”N) next week on both fronts… health and parnassa.

    Thank you all again and may Hashem give you shefa brachos miElyona!



    We need your mothers name to Davened for you the fathers name is only used when you are called up for the Torah or after the person is no longer living.


    he’s stated before he’s Yehuda Tzvi Ben ELISHEVA.

    Y”T: may you have a speedy recovery AMEN!!!



    Keep sharing good news and lots of Hatzlacha with everything.


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    YehudaTzvi, how are you feeling?


    B”H getting stronger every day. Bone is finally healing somewhat though I am still in a wheelchair. Thanks so much for asking!

    The Best Bubby

    Yehuda Tzvi ben Elisheva: I am davening for you every single day and I have gone to the Shotzer Rebbe Z’TL kever several times to intercede on your behalf I’YH. I also daven at Brachos party, once on Rosh Chodesh, and once during the month, where everyone answers Amen loudly and with kavana.

    B’H your bones are healing somewhat and daven that H’KBH should grant Yehudah Tzvi ben Elisheva and kol cholei Am Yisrael a complete refuah shelama b’karov, with much yiras shamayim ve chet, much menuchas henfesh ve guf,osher with aleph and ayin, and an abundance of HAGEFEN, and may Ha-Shem answer all your tefilos le tova always! Omein Kein Yehe Razon!


    hiya buddy refuah shelema glad you are getting stronger and i still have you on my list.

    always here

    H’KBH should grant Yehudah Tzvi ben Elisheva and kol cholei Am Yisrael a refuah sheleima b’karov —




    Refua Shelaima


    To Yehuda Tzvi ben Elisheva-

    Refuah Shleima!


    Continued refuah, you should be back on your feet b’korov.


    You are all so very kind! It has been a long, hard road and I am still hoping and praying that I will walk again and heal fully! I must say, all of your tefilos and brachos made my day and I greatly appreciate all of your help and support. Mi KiAmcha Yisroel!

    If you would, please also daven for Devorah Miriam bas Sarah who is a mamesh tzadekis. She is suffering from cancer that is now in her brain. She is in a lot of pain and fatigue due to the daily full brain radiation she must receive as well as the chemo. She is the wife of one of my closest friends. Ana Keil Na Refah Nah Lah.

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