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    Needing the bathroom while saying a speech in front of your whole school.


    this thread is hilarious! how about coming into your house and being like “HI IM HOME” only to realize noone’s home. or worse- realizing that your parents are having a meeting with someone important or someone’s on an important phone call and they start ‘shushing’ you frantically in middle of your grand entrance


    nechomah- yoish 🙂

    texting the wrong person is a huge fear of mine since i texted a long personal rant to the wrong persoon. Eeek


    ursketching, i can totally relate!


    texting or being on a non work-related website and your boss passes by…

    just saying yes cuz you’re too embarassed to say “what?” again, and then being asked your opinion on that matter…


    how about when you are wearing a black and white or black and pink striped jumper and you get a stain on the white or pink part? Visible to everyone!

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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