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    Post your favorite store bought kosher l’Pesach noshes and cakes. Also post whether it is gebrochts or dairy.



    matza. Not dairy, but can become gebrochts


    Schmerling’s Chocolate!! Dairy


    I think Oberlander’s rainbow cake and sandwich cookies with chocolate/jam are to die for. Because the cookies are made with nut flour, I’d even eat them during the year and I sometimes do.

    I enjoy macaroons, especially chocolate chip macaroons, dipped in chocolate. I have them during the year sometimes, also.

    For nosh, I like frying plantains and different exotic root vegetables. It is also really nice to take tapioca flour and make popovers with eggs, pepper, salt, cheese and herbs and butter with them (you make it like a pate choux).

    I’ve seen Gefen tapioca flour. These popovers are apparently really popular in Brazil, where they call them pan de quecao.

    Another idea is crudites with homemade mayonnaise (someone posted something about that not long ago) that is basically a base for making any kind of dip (olive, pepper, dill, baba, etc.)

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Matza. Not gebrochts, but can become dairy.


    why is everyone sleeping when I’m awake?


    Pesach “cake” and “cookies” taste good until about an hour after havadala on the last night.


    WIY: LOL one of my favorite books ever!

    Everything my mother makes, I personally don’t suffer at all on Pesach from chometz cravings.


    strausses chocolate brownie mix with the walnuts. its gebrokts.


    Cheesecake kosher l pesach


    Just imagine when QUINOA gets accepted widely. Then we can have kosher-le-pesach pizza and hallah. Of course, once such recipes become common, I suspect opinion will turn against accepted quinoa as kosher-le-pesach.


    be careful, that which u think is too good to be pareve might really be milchig.

    once i bought mini ice cream cones for dessert in a store upstate and thought they were pareve but they were dairy.

    i found that out AFTER we ate them.

    When i went back to the store to see how i could do something so stupid i saw that they were all in the same freezer. the milchig ones and the pareve ones.

    yes, i should have been more careful BUT the store should be too.


    I second that, sharp 🙂 🙂

    Not fair, you stole my answer!!!!

    Also those awesomely delicious coconut balls we buy every single year,(with total memory loss). They MAKE my Pesach. I forgot what they’re called…oh yeah…macarooooooons.

    And even BETTER (and soggier)…LADYFINGERS!

    I can’t believe they’re not Chometz!


    MorahRach, what to do for crust?


    You cant really make Quinoa into bread, but you CAN make POTATO BREAD


    This year, I am buying Pesah Nutella from Israel (I saw it in Mountain Fruit’s Pesach Store on the kitniyot shelf) and will be making sandwich cookies with those and some Oberlander lady fingers.

    I do the same during the year with Nilla wafers, and this should be a nice treat.


    Well, besides for my awesome homemade chocolate cake (we make 2 pans every year- one for yom tov and one to eat while we’re cooking), I have a weakness for rainbow cake (it’s embarrassing but true) and my all-time favorite Pesach breakfast is ladyfingers dunked in milk. The key is to take it out of the milk when it’s soggy enough that it ALMOST dissolves in the milk but it doesn’t and then you take the ladyfinge ot and eat the soggy bit. BLISS.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    writersoul- only two pans? We make 16!!! And then more on chol hamoed…


    We’re not that many people, and we’re only home half of yom tov- actually, what I do is make two in a double batch, mess it up somehow so it’s not how it’s supposed to be but it’s still good, then oh no! we have to make some more! 🙂

    Actually, maybe that’s just me being a bad baker. I love to rationalize.

    Anyway, don’t worry- there’s no shortage of dessert in MY house. I think we’re up to three types of cake, two types of cookies, and ice cream and ices- besides for whatever my aunt is bringing :).


    Potato starch. If you add tons and tons of sugar, it tastes like sugary potato starch.


    We eat Pesachdig type foods (primarily non-gebrochts, though our family minhag is to eat gebrochts) all year round, because a member of my family has celiac. You can get used to anything, when you have no breira. personally, I like some of the Pesach cakes VERY much.

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