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    Coffee room….

    ☕️coffee addict

    count sheep

    drink milk

    listen to soft music

    listen to a shiur (usually helps)


    Count till one million.

    Sit in the CR until you get tired.

    Don’t think about any daily pressures.

    Call me in an hour, lemme know how it’s goingm


    My mother used to make me a “gugel-mugel”.I think I fell asleep trying to figure out if I could swallow a raw egg mixed with warm milk and honey.


    sleeping pills

    yossi z.

    You are asking for help falling asleep … In the coffee room? Oh wait then again this thread IS under decaf …

    In all seriousness, (who me?) Are you physically active during the day? (Walking, jogging, sports, etc) because if you tire yourself out even a little bit, the way the body works is if it has even a small amount of energy to fill back up it is easier to fall asleep because the body is tired (now why am I up? That is a good question)


    Take a sefer to read in bed. The yetzer hora will make sure you fall asleep fast!


    Learning is not supposed to be something that makes you fall asleep!

    It is how we talk to Hashem. Learning is supposed to be done with hislaavus and excitment.

    My suggestion is, as my mother always told me when I was younger- get into bed, close your eyes and think about the beach (you’re the only one on it so no pritzus problems) or other peaceful things.


    If you have stairs, walk up and down them until you’re exhausted.


    Chamomile Tea is calming. More ideas: Valarian Root; St. Johns Wort; Scull Cap; Hops all Teas. Essential Oils: German and Roman Chamomile; Lavender; Lemon Balm; Lemon Grass; Hadasim (Myrtle) and more. Start taking shallow breaths to calm the mind for restful sleep. Good luck lila tov.


    if you lie in bed and can’t sleep. do not stay in bed. get up and read a book on the couch etc. , but do not lie in bed until you who knows when. make sure you keep steady hrs. if you go to sleep at 3.3o am. and sleep till 12.30 pm. you will not be able to sleep at 11.30 pm. that nite. try to lower caffiene intake during the day. there are very good teas w/out caffiene that can relax you in the evening.


    And all along I’ve been taking deep breaths to relax…


    earphones and shiurim – works every time – as you lay in bed listening to a shiur you will drift off


    I used to have trouble sleeping but B”H they’re gone now. Try melatonin.



    Put an earphone in one ear with WINS radio playing.

    By the time you’ve heard the same news for the 5th time,

    you’ll be “blowing zzzz’s” (i.e. fast asleep).


    Print out all my other posts and read them – you will be asleep in no time.


    RABBAIM – “Take a sefer to read in bed. The yetzer hora will make sure you fall asleep fast!”

    I heard that from Rav Scheinberg. He also said that if you take a sefer to a chasunah, you will always find someone to talk to, for the same reason.

    Sister Bear

    Concentrate on breathing in and out, like that blond joke thing.


    Get away from the computer!

    Or maybe, as Rebb. Eclipse sais, try ‘Google’ for Moogle.

    doodle jump

    Don’t exercise before bedtime. I know it sounds weird, but tune into a certain sound in the room. For example, in the summer, when the a/c is on, it’s “humming” puts me to sleep:o] Try using a fan.

    Melatonin also helps. Hatzlacha.


    Doodle Jump, I have a fan that has a button that rattles around in it’s little button place while the fan is on. Sure, it’s a certain steady noise in the room – but it usually keeps me up! I would get up in the middle of the night trying to tape that thing so it just wouldn’t move! I really like going to sleep to the sound of rain…

    Try listening to music, drinking warm milk, reading a book you don’t find interesting…sometimes concentrating on the fact that one can’t fall asleep is what keeps one awake.


    Does anyone know what a real gugel-mugel is?

    You mean it’s made up,like Santa?




    “Learning is not supposed to be something that makes you fall asleep!

    It is how we talk to Hashem”

    1- In Tefilla we talk with Hashem… Learning Torah is Hashem talking with us (Nefesh Hachayim)

    2- You shouldn’t fall asleep when you learn, but it is OK to learn while you fall asleep!


    1-True, that’s what i meant.

    2-It’s all a din in your kavana. If you take a sefer or an audio shiur to bed with you with the intention that it will put you to sleep, that’s a problem. However, when your intention is to learn and then you end up falling asleep, that would be okay (but not Lichatchila).

    So for some people to post saying take a sefer or shiur to bed, that is not so okay (i think).


    6 Ways You Can Sleep Better Naturally:

    1. Get up 1 hour earlier than usual in the AM, so that you’ll be tired at night. You may need to break the cycle. (6:00 is a good time for me. Do it with a little sister or someone who will be excited about it the first few times.)

    2. Some people are tense so they can’t sleep. This is usually my problem. 🙂 I start thinking about all the things I have to worry about tomorrow. Chamomile tea, drinking a lot of milk before you go to sleep (with supper, so you won’t need the bathroom), or taking plain tylenol (if you get the drowsy side effect like I do, it’s healthier than other sleeping pills) really helps with tension. Note: DO NOT take benadryl or anything addictive as you will build up tolerance.

    3. Think about taking a yoga class. When I did, it really helped me learn to relax and focus on my body in a calm way. I still use some of what I learned there when I need to relax.

    4. If you get up in the middle of the night, use Chamomile tea. I only do this when I’m extremely stressed about something. Make sure the tea is strong, one bag may not be enough depending on your size. Drinking milk can also help, but not as much in my experience

    5. People have suggested melatonin but since I don’t have a sleep cycle problem, just trouble falling asleep due to tension, I’ve avoided it.

    6. In general, problems falling asleep have to do with your lifestyle. Unless a person CH”v has a TBI or major hormonal issues, usually making even 1 of these changes to your life will help you sleep much better. You need to be honest with yourself and willing to change your habits.

    So basically, you need to look at WHY you can’t sleep. I sleep very well most of the time using these methods, but you need to find what works for YOU. Try to stay away from unnecessary medications and use natural remedies first. Hatzlacha!


    Go to the Y or a place that has facilities with a pool with separate swimming hours and days for both genders. Pick a time and day that is appropriate. Swim for an hour. Swimming will relax you. When your head hits the Pillow, within a short period of time you will fall asleep.


    Count till a thousand, if you get there and you’re still up, then u have a problem…


    If you get there and you’re sleeping then you talk in your sleep.

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