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    this is crazy ive been in bed for a few hours and i just cant fall asleep- i never usually have that problem!!! does anyone have any ideas to help? im bit desperate! (usually i would put in music but now i need another idea!)


    Force yourself to breathe really deeply, in and out at even intervals. That always helps me…Im pretty sure that’s the idea behind counting sheep- because it gets you to breathe evenly and deeply, but whenever I try, I always get distracted by the sheep;)

    Sender Av

    lullaby and goodnight…go to sleep skiaddict. Hmm hmm humm humm hummm

    Hush little skiaddict dont say a word. Moshe Rose is gonna buy you a mocking bird. If that mocking bird dont sing, Droid is gonna get a brand new name. If that name wont fool us all, Joseph gonna call himself Mr. Macall(all I could think of to rhyme.)


    first things first- turn the computer off! this website keeps me up for hours without even realizing it!!

    try listening to a shuir of a Rabbi who has a calm voice. I know it sounds weird and chitzpah, but those always help me fall asleep!!


    My advice is a full cup of schnapps, on the rocks so that it goes down easy.


    ive already drunk too much this shabbos so prob not a good idea derech! sender- that made me laugh!!!ok yid youre right- im just switching between a few websites and its crazy – good idea about listening to a shiur its pretty funny but it makes most sense, do you do that often?!

    okay thanks and see you all tomorow!!


    Sender, LOL!

    OP: this sounds weird (it is) but concentrate on the sound of an air conditioner or something like that, it usually helps. Good luck



    Sometimes it helps to take a hot shower and start all over. The shower is relaxing and calming and will help clear your head of whatever is in there blocking your sleep. Make your bed before you get into the shower, take fresh pajamas so when you come out of the shower everything is fresh and inviting. Then start over.


    All of what is said is generally good advice, If this goes on for a long time you might want to see your doctor. Sleep conditions can be medical and sometimes there are things that can be done.

    (If its just one day it could be stress or something).

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or any kind of expert

    minyan gal

    Do NOT drink alcohol. It is a stimulant – many people don’t know this. Drink warm milk. It contains an enzyme called tryptophan that can help to induce sleep. It is also found in poultry, particularly turkey – which is the main reason that people get sleepy after having “Thanksgiving” dinner. an artificial tryptophan was sold at one time (and may still be) in health food stores to be used as a sleep aid. So, a glass of warm milk or a turkey sandwich should lull you gently to sleep. Good Luck.


    Did you say all of Krias Shma al Hamitah wiht all the perakim and pesukim?? Seforim write that after that one can repeat Shma over and over….. you will fall asleep.

    Alternatively, take a sefer ot bed…… the Yetzer Hora would rather you sleep than learn!!


    skiaddict this could be diet related. Drinking too much Coffee,(especially at the Shabbos Day Seudah) and eating heavy foods before retiring can keep one awake. The Rambam says to wait several hours before going to bed after eating heavy foods. Alternatively drink a nice cup of St. Johns Wort with other teas such as Hops/Scullcap(the name of a plant)/Valarian Root and Lemon Balm Tea. Another idea is to buy Spike Lavender Essential Oil from the Health Foods Store and Chamomile (either German or Roman) Essential Oil, and put 1-3 drops of each Essential Oil on your Pillow. Or follow all the other suggestions from the other posters. Lila Tov!


    really really i do know what the problem is- its always motsa shabbos that i cant sleep and its because ive slept half of shabbos…!

    does seriously no one else have that prob? i just cant give up my long shabbos afternoon shluff and i often sleep in in the mornings also(im a girl so no prob about shul!)

    i know i really should make more of an effort to be awake on shabbos but seriously, after the meal all i can think of is my bed!

    what do you all do about that?


    Take over the counter sleep meds but only when you absolutely need them, works wonders for me especially on mtzsh

    am yisrael chai

    melatonin is healthier than OTC meds

    Try eating less white flour & sugar on Shabbos, which increase fatigue & waistline 🙂


    Sender Av: You got me rolling!


    just saw this thread now for the first time so not sure if its an issues for you still but I have the same exact issue. did you ever hear of Melatonin?


    Sometimes if i sleep too much on Shabbos day i will get a bad headache the next day


    try thinking of the ocean… i never tried it but its supposed to be really calming. i also read somewhere that you should keep thinking “ein od milvado”


    Get a good book and read a couple chapters. Make sure that ur room is dark and its calm. that always gets me to sleep. it’s very helpful.

    minyan gal

    There are actually some CD’s available with sounds that help induce sleep – like the ocean or rain falling.


    amazing, are you sure you dont mean an extremely boring book? good books can keep me up till 4 am!

    am yisrael chai

    Take a tehillim after chatzos, start from the beginning, and keep going…and going…until you’re gone.

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