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    I’m trying very hard to ignore things, but some of them are just too egregious.

    From the main page:


    Why did the chossid’s daughter have a streimel and why was the chossid visiting it? What did they do with the chossid while they were borrowing him?


    HG that was too funny thank you for sharing that.


    sorry but somethings are written al pi kabbalah and not all of us understand these things


    I haven’t got a clue what that sentence could possibly mean. But it must be a very choshuve shtreimel for the chossid to visit his daughter’s shtreimel.


    Some people borrow a cup of sugar; some people borrow a chossid. That’s how the world works.


    Let me try:

    Parenthesis, (I thought) are there for a reason. Same for imagination.

    Never heard of “a girl in my class’s friend”?


    ZeesKite, we all know what the person meant. But what he meant is not what he wrote. (And what you wrote is also not correct. Sorry.)

    How about, “they borrowed a streimel from a chossid who was visiting his daughter”?


    Check out the ibn ezra by ki yigof shor ish es shor re’eihu.

    Whose friend?


    was that the same chossid who had the talking fish?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    If you bring this up to share some humor, it’s cute.

    If this really bothers you, I don’t know what to say. Do you really expect every comment on the internet (or world wide web, if you prefer) to be grammatically correct?


    HG – You know, basically all that was missing was a closed parenthesis – which is clearly obvious that he forgot! Try reading it now….

    He was wearing a blanket and they borrowed a chossid’s (who was visiting his daughter) streimel.

    It may not flow as nicely as “He was wearing a blanket and they borrowed a strimel from a chossid( who was visiting his daughter)”….but it works!

    Now can you stop being the Grammar police on other’s writings and please get back to transcribing my shiurim?(!!!!!!!!!!) (Yes the exclamation points are there to annoy you!!!!!!! 😉


    That was too funny.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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