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    i have a report due on friday abt 8 pages and havent really started writting what do u do if u cant sit down and write i gathered all my info but for some reason i cant sit to wirte it up

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    yeah, u can, hon! u’ve already collected all ur info, so get outta da CR, & apply urself!! go for it, girlfriend.. u can do it!! :)) .. CU l8r.


    Don’t start with the introduction. Just start with the main part, then come back and write the introduction later.

    This is always a good idea anyway.


    Take a break, walk around the corner and come back to it. then just start putting it together and don’t fret it doesn’t have to be perfect. You have the ability to go back and polish it up. The important thing to do is just start. Do the “fun” part first so you get into it and leave the boring parts for last once you got your groove.

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    Is that because every time you sit down you bounce back up again?

    Pashuteh Yid

    I disagree, Popa. Best to write an abstract or an outline. Once you have done this, you can just fill in the sections. It really helps you plan out the whole thing. If you just start writing randomly, you will ramble on. Deciding what points you want to make, in advance, and how you will prove them and put them together is most of the battle. Then, actually doing it is much easier.

    I went through all of this in writing a thesis.

    Remember, a formal outline is something like this:

    I. Intro

    II. Chapter 1

    A. First section

    1. First subsection

    2. Second subsection

    B. Second section

    III. Chapter 2

    IX. Summary and Conclusion

    X. Bibliograpy and Endnotes

    Note you can even have III, A, 2, a, iv, etc., but almost nobody uses that level of detail.


    i already made an outline i hate writting i went for a walk nothins workin


    Post what you have here, and let the gang here in the Cr finish it for you.


    Hmm. I guess no one way works for everyone.

    Personally, I just start writing the main part, although, I end up making that into the outline.


    i have 3 reports due tomorrow, i know how you feel. i wish you tons of luck! 🙂 you can do it!!


    what used to help me was to just put all info. into a good order and then just write down – even copying verbatum. later, i would fix it all up, put it in my words, etc. thing to do, is just start writing – doesn’t matter what. (I used to like to start with a good quote, and then take it from there.)

    good luck!



    Pashuteh Yid

    Note, I had indented the sections in my original post, but the formatting got lost when it appeared here.

    Anyway, one other piece of advice is that if you view the report as being yotzei the teachers assignement, then it is easy to get writer’s block. What should I say, etc?

    However, you need to view it as taking a topic and explaining it or a particular viewpoint to an audience, and backing up everything you say with proof.

    I.e., you contend that Ben Franklin was actually a Jew in disguise. Now you need to review his life, and then provide various documentation that proves that deeper study of many of the famous stories about him show he was a Belzer Chasid.

    The most interesting reports are when you try to convince your audience of a novel idea. Take control of your audience, rather than your audience taking control of you.


    take deep breaths , spread all your stuff out so u can see everything, bring a snack to the table

    (or desk) and then-START gl!

    Pashuteh Yid

    Brotherofours, that is true. I once read a saying that the most important thing in finishing a task is to start it.

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