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    i love coffe

    What’s going on with the people (chareidim) in Israel? Why is there so much violence and hatred? ie rock throwing, yelling at a soldier, playing in the memorial, … Can’t they live like decent people and be happy that they are living in a holy country where every neighbour is practicallly Jewish? Who would want to live in Israel like this? The chilul Hashem that goes on there is just shocking.


    Everybody needs to improve, but the people swimming don’t look charedi to me. Funny how the media portrays any Orthodox Jew as charedi when they do something questionable…

    Oh Shreck!

    Ok, Ok, I hear you. I’ll stop.

    Anything to make you happy.


    I can’t take it, either.

    I love all Jews, but hate a lot of what they believe and stand for, because many Jews don’t live lives of emet v’shalom, and where there is no emet v’shalom, G-d is not to be found in such places and among such people.


    ya my bad…


    In todays society most people have become “reporters” anything that happens people will use social media to report it.

    People will facebook, tweet or youtube events as they occur. Its become much harder for the “media” to have bias. In fact the media itself uses social media to get facts about current news. The media cannot have as much bias as before as there likely is video evidence of the event.

    One should always remember Hashem is watching everything you do, but that can sometimes get stale . But today its very real. If you are rude , nasty or mistreat someone, someone else nearby might have his smartphone and video the whole incident and post it in social media. Someone is watching you.

    In the charedi world there isnt this message and they dont seem to understand this. We are not living in a ghetto with walls anymore. When a charedi is yelling at soldier, I assure you someone else is nearby yanking out his smartphone and video taping it and posting it somewhere. The charedi world should take this as chizuk and perhaps see its internal issues, but that have decided to blame the outside instead of the inside.


    ZD smartphones are banned in those neighborhoods.


    Goq, they are only banned by insiders, Outsiders can and do have them

    Rav Tuv


    this inappropriate behavior bothers me also. That being said,It isn’t all hareidim as the secular press would have you believe. There is a faction of nudniks who would be better off in the army as they obviously aren’t learning, They are too busy causing chillul Hashem. Also, there aren’t enough chareidim speakiking out against the idiocy.


    Zahavasdad: and the insiders who have them are by definition outsiders.


    They are probably isolated incidents for the most part but it certainly and understandably gets played up a lot.

    That being said, any group that strongly and outwardly belives the rest of the world and everyone in it must conform to said person’s personal/religious beliefs will get into these situations.



    Based on all sorts of stuff that is reported all over, I would think this is not limited to “chareidim”.

    However, I will say that the sensationalizing, and the inclusion by “professional” media, certainly in Israel seems to be biased against chareidim.

    Do you see chilonim labeled “chilonim” each time they are reported for their misdeeds?

    Just saying that we should be held to higher standards is not a legitimate claim. Because those media outlets certainly do consider themselves at a lower standard. Unless, truly they do, and they are just excited with the dog bites man stories.

    Rav Tuv


    Chareidim should be held to higher standards. They have self-proclaimed as above and more holy than everyone else. That is why some chareidim feel the necessity to counter anything they perceive as a slight to their beliefs. They can’t have it both ways. If they make themselves above everyone else, then they betteract that way.


    There is no such thing as a Chiloni COMMUNITY, there are Chilonim, but they are not associated with each other in any other way.

    Unlike the Charedi community where you might say the Satmar, Belz or Yerushalmi community. When someone says they are Satmar they are saying they are part of the satmar community, when someone says they are Chiloni they are simply saying they are not religious.

    The charedi want to be seen as a community, and when they look good , it works for them, but when one charedi does something wrong, it looks bad on the entire community.


    And where are the Rabbis, community leaders, through all this?


    o come off it


    MZ and ZD,

    A) I am sure the chilonim would be horrified to hear that they are not part of a community. That is what they argue all the time when frum Jews move into their neighborhood, that they are upsetting the community.

    B)Granted we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard, however, all these media people and a goodly number of commenters feel THEY are better people because they are modern and “aware” of what is going on. If so it is the height of hypocrisy for them to use the claim that we answer to a higher authority as their basis for criticizing frum people when they do not do so when it is a non frum person, like themselves.

    Oh Shreck!


    “and when they look good , it works for them”.

    NEVER. We have never been praised, and we don’t expect to be. All the way back to Moshe and Aharon. When people look to complain, to vilify, to besmirch, they’ll most always find.

    I have never heard something like “wow, look at those chareidim…” No, we’re not going to be praised by those who are on our necks.


    There is plenty of praise, They do tend to call chassim Pius people for example.

    There was also lots of praise when that little boy was lost in Kiryat Joel, It was all over the news and they said how the whole community was looking for it.

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