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    I was reading through the posts on the topic of chewing gum and “am yisrael chai” said something that caught my eye:

    ” And can we please TRY to catch someone doing something right?”

    It’s less than 2 weeks after Tisha B’av. Less than 2 months to Rosh Hashana. Maybe we can take this time to see the good in others, in the hope that Hashem will stop and see the good in us?

    So i’m sure this was done before, but i hereby make this a POSITIVE thread. Add here something that you saw someone do that made you stop and be PROUD to be Jewish; something that impressed you, inspired you…

    In order to keep this thread positive, I ask that nobody comment on anyone else’s post. Simply read, absorb, and then add your own positive experience.

    Hope this thread works out!


    i was at the park last weak and i saw this frum family making a birthday party. anyway there were lots of kids in the park and the hosts gladly included them in the celebrations. the mother had extra party bags and gave them out to all the “party crashers”. those kids even joined in with the Happy Birthday, and each one recieved a piece of cake. now the hosts could have told those kids to get lost, that this party was not for them but they didn’t. instead they chose to make a kiddush Hashem.


    i was walking down a very busy new york street and there was a hunched over old man trying to cross it… i saw a car pull over, a frum man get out, run accross the street and helped this man cross. it took a while but this man had sooo much patience. he smiled at the man and talked with him while crossing him. it was obvious this man went out of his way to help the old man and i was SOOO blown away!!! it happened months ago but its stuck with me!!! what a mitzva!!!


    I took four of my grandchildren to the pool today and wound up meeting 3 more of my grandchildren there. I only brought 5 snacks. Two of my girls said, “That’s OK bobby, you can give mine away”.


    My neighbor’s family is in the country and a cousin needed a place to stay in the city and my neighbors offered their house eventhough none of them were here!

    am yisrael chai

    Thanks, dbwcbb

    Remember the torrential rains we had this past Sunday?

    Well, a frum guy pulled over on the highway when he saw another frum guy stranded with a stalled car. This hero frum guy exited his vehicle sans umbrella or any rain gear, cheerfully (and very wetfully!) got his jumper cables and went to work.

    kapusta- thanks for referencing your wonderful thread. It was written quite a bit before my entrance into coffeeland and I hadn’t seen it before.

    I guess we’re more inclined or programmed to see the negative more than the positive.

    It’s interesting that the first word we say upon arising in the morning is “I thank you” “modeh ani”. Hashem is TRYING to teach us GRATITUDE.


    Who could identify at least one positive thing that occurred today?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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