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    Moishe, try using this approach when saying morning brochos: shoes hurt today, so skipping kol tzarki, back hurts, so much work feel like an even. Ingratitude is a bigger problem than even TDS


    no one understands you, always ask.
    but when the first post here stated “besmirch him and terrorize him”, it is the Big Lie. If anyone besmirched anyone and terrorized anyone it is trump lashing out at anyone who looks at him askance.
    ‘lock her up’ huh. how about you trumpians now chanting ‘lock him up’ – not a peep from them.
    for shame. a nutcase who takes home top secret documents, pleads the 5th arond 60 times, leads the insurrection against our democracy, boasts that mexico will pay for that wall that he had 4 years to build, but didn’t etcetera etcetera – and you are questioning my post?
    shame on you


    moishe, in simpler words: ingratitude is bad trait. Non-Jewish. If someone did something for you, you need to be thankful (even if the person did it in his interest). Let me know if this is self-evident or you need a source sheet.


    And how much gratitude do u show to Obama and Biden for sending tons and tons of arms to Israel to defend itself?


    I am very grateful to US for their support of Israel in general. If you can point me to specific efforts by these two administrations, I’ll do that too. In fact, I quoted here a pre-election Biden’s propaganda piece in Israeli papers, where Israelis acknowledged that Biden was the only person on Obama’s team they were able to talk to – everyone else saw Israel as an “occupier”, while Biden remembered 1973 et al and understood Israeli concerns about self-defense. Obama also was interested in having Israel as an ideological ally, rather than just hating whole country as some progs do. He sent his top election team to undermine Bibi in elections, possibly giving a push to current multi-year deadlock.

    This seems to be a pattern – according to recent leaks or self-justifications, it seems that Biden himself has the most common sense on his team. He seems to be the last one to agree to the atrocious plan to forgive $20K of student loans and more. Same may be happening with Iran agreement – his team are happy and spending time convincing him.

    Obama also gave us an option for cheap health care and for legal adults, such as my kids, to lounge on a couch while still being attached to my, more and more expensive, insurance plan.

    Menachem Shmei


    I think this emphasizes my point in the original post.

    I dislike Trump now even more than before. I personally think he is a lunatic who should not lead this country.

    However, I think the justice system system should leave it up to us to decide that. The amount of random allegations that Trump is accused with on a daily basis points in one direction: the Dems are using every tool at their disposal to shut down Trump.

    This leads me to the question I asked in the beginning:
    If they are so sure that Trump is obviously unfit to lead, why the need for such crooked ways to accomplish their goals?
    Don’t they trust the American citizens to elect the right person?


    I like supporting Republicans. I don’t like supporting Trump. I think Trump did some horrible things in his life and during his presidency, some of them illegal. I also think that the Dems and the media foments at the mouth to blame him for literally everything bad going in. Therefore I’m hated by everyone.



    You are not hated by everyone. I disagree with your political beliefs, but don’t hate you. I defend your right to express your beliefs and vote for the candidates of your choice.

    BTW, it is possible to be a Democrat and be a law and order kind of guy. I would love to see Trump prosecuted, tried convicted and imprisoned. But I also would like that to happen to all crooked elected officials who have broken the law, as well as street thugs, blue collar criminals and white collar criminals.


    but nothing.



    The logic of “However, I think the justice system system should leave it up to us to decide that. ” and “Don’t they trust the American citizens to elect the right person?” was used by Republican Senators – specifically Mitch McConnell – who refused to impeach Trump the second time.
    That is EXACTLY why he is being prosecuted by the justice system. The republicans did not have the courage to impeach him which would have prevented him from ever holding public office.
    The republicans who despise him now should regret not having begged their Senators 2 years ago to impeach him and that would have been the end of him.


    Dear Menachem,

    So why were there all these accusations and lawsuits against Trump when his affiliation was Republican than Independent, then Democratic, then Republican, than No Party, and then bag to Republican?

    I have no problem with a serial law and contract breaker (Who is also addicted to grifting.), being dragged through the courts for years on end. Former President Donald Trump agrees with me on this. The only irritation for him, is that he enjoys not having to pay his bills. And he hates losing. But alas, he was born a loser.

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