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    Is anyone else bummed i’ts come down to this guy?


    I agree!

    Another election where we want anyone but the guy who is in office.



    Mitt is not overly exciting.

    What WOULD be great is if HUGH Romney ran for office.

    (Inside joke for a very few…lol)

    Actually, he did once run for the presidency. His slogan was, “Nobody for President”.


    He’s just so phony and plastic, I’m worried that conservative apathy towards him might result in another term for Obama


    If Mitt comes out on top I think I’ll vote for Hussein. I’d rather a guy who is clearly full of it, than a guy who pretends to be what he is not. Mitt has been vacillating on key issues for many years in order to get votes(you can check that out). He is doing the same here. I was hoping Newt would win and he still might.


    santorum or bust. and its about time huntsman dropped out


    I wish santorum would win. So far he seems the most normal and straight forward.


    I’ve decided that there’s no point in my thinking about it if I can’t vote.

    What’s scary is that at the next election, I WILL be able to vote.


    If you want to vote for Mitt, there might be a new boogey man under your bed. REALLY FUN!


    1. He is a nice guy (no argument there).

    2. While “Private equity” had nothing to do with the causing the current recession (his business was to buy bankrupt companies cheap, salvage what they could, and sell it for a profit), it might be better if someone more unlike Wall Street were the candidate for the Republicans (ignoring the fact that Wall Street tends to be Democratic). The only Republicans who ran this year with real world careers other than being a politicians were Herman Cain (IT professional who switched to ran restaurants) and Ron Paul (who was a physician, a long time ago).

    3. Romney’s views on most issues, whether economic or social, are very mainstream Republican. He has shown a willingness to work with Democrats, which might be necessary if as president he wishes to get legislation passed by the Congress. If you read his book, there really isn’t anything for conservatives to worry about.

    4. In all fairness, anti-Mormon prejudice is a real factor in the right and left wing opposition to his candidacy. While the Mormons’ theology is even nuttier than the mainstream Christians, we’re used to having leaders with ridiculous religious beliefs – in fact we’ve never had leaders we can identify with religiously. Based on their conduct, the Mormons are a lot less objectionable from a halachic perspective, than groups such as the mainline Portestants or Reform Jews.


    What I don’t get is if nobody is really crazy about Mitt Romney except for the ruling Republicans, WHY is he the frontrunner?! Newt is SO much better than he is. He can put that creep Obama in his proper place in a heartbeat. Santorum is also very good. So how did Mitt get to be the frontrunner?


    the truth is that no matter who is running against Obama this year’s election will be about voting Obama out and not about voting anyone in.


    Hi aries.

    That is sadly the usual story for electing presidents. It is like a record showing the majority of Americans are never happy with who they had in office.

    I like Trump, for a lot of reason.

    But I have to say that Obama’s alleged plans for another 4 years would have America looking like anything but America.

    I would almost take any bad politician, as long as they had some semblance of traditional American values.


    Palin or bust.


    I just hope that the Republican candidate is smart enough to tag Christy as his running mate.


    “ruling Republicans” – someone said above – actually, the Democrats control the Federal government

    Romney is clearly dull and boring, though arguably that might be an attraction. Many people are tired of all the excitement of the last ten years and would prefer a period of dull and boring, peace and prosperity.

    Santorum is focused on social issues, which not only have nothing to do with the office of the President (e.g. abortion, which is entirely a matter for the Congress and the courts), and his only economic credential was being a well know earmarker.

    Gingrich’s personal life is weird (he’s on his third marriage, the first two failed because of his misbehavior), and he keeps changing his views. Romney has been fairly consistent, especially on issues pertaining to the presidency. His shifts on abortion and gays were fairly slight – note that he’s hardly being embraced by left wing types.

    Economically, Romney is closer to the “tea party” than Santorum or Gingrich.

    He might be clever enough to argue that America wants a boring president who gets the job done, and Romney could probably embrace most of the other Republicans platforms and saying that he’s the one to get them enacted.


    At least he says he supports Erez Yisrael. Another Regan, better than Obama who is of Muslim decent. Nostalgia makes him hate the Jews, at least Mitt has a little room in his heart to the Jewish people.


    Don’t expect any real differences among the presidents regarding Israel. While some may pay lip service to supporting Israel, US policy remains the same for decades. “Dont do as I do; do as I say, or there will be no loans.”


    I think at this point ill vote for whoever goes against obama!


    Gingrich has a lot of awful baggage on his hands. Even though most voters have very short memories, but we simply cannot shrug off from our minds, how Gingrich had the Chutzpah to shut down the USA Government during November 1995. This is a terrible thing which Gingrich did, and he can never be forgiven for this cardinal travesity.

    This is no way condones Obama for his rotten attitude & presidency, if he even is a US citizen by birth??

    Let’s all pray that we don’t have to face the awful dilema of choosing between the less of 2 evils of Gingrich & Obama, but can vote for an outstanding individual this November, be it Sarah Palin, or Rick Sanotorum, or Mitt Romney


    Hi BPG.

    I think that is what it is going to come down to.

    The idea of another four years of Obama is something America cannot withstand.

    And the idea of Obama knowing it is his last four years, I can only imagine what he will pull out of his deranged bag of tricks.

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