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    HEre is what I saw this morning, out on the street, when I looked out my front window:

    Down on the road a city cleaning truck , was honking at a van. It was a chassidisher yungerman sitting behind the wheel and wouldnt move becuase he was benching! So the goy got and tried to tell him to please move on, he’s holding up traffic in that lane but the yid was motioning to his bencher. As if to say just a minute, i am in the middle of praying something. I understand about all the stories of tzaddikim who would only bench where they had eaten. or the story where the tzaddik went back to bench at the spot he had eaten- true its mesiras nefesh. I know its a mitzvah. BUT at what price are we willing to do a mitzvah to serve G-d when its at the cost of desecrating His name, because the secular peoples can argue we’re so inconsiderate, so selfish to make the traffic wait until we are done our little prayer. I was actually not impressed by this scence, and I am chasidishe myself. Did this man actually think the truck driver would see some Hebrew publication in his hand and say “OH whoa, ok ok sorry there- I didnt realize you’re in the middle of a jewish prayer”. We will all wait until you’re done talking to G-d.

    Go ahead. Jump on me now, Tell me I am wrong. or…what?


    No comment on the story, but welcome back, arwsf! ^_^


    you are 1000% right. This guy had no business being there. Hes like the Tzaddikim that block my driveway to go Daven in the Shul on my block. Gneiva, chutzpah, Mitzva habbah beaveirah amongst other things…




    A symptom of the yeshiva system. They teach how to be frum but not how to be a mentch.


    Parents are the ones who need to teach how to be a mentch. Blame the parents not the school.



    A yeshiva is not a college or a university. You go to a Yeshiva to learn Torah and Torah isnt just knowledge or information. It is supposed to change a person. The least one can expect is that the person will be made into a mentch. But if the Rabbeim arent mentchen the kids dont have who to learn from.


    How sad that someone can be so concerned about the smallest arthopod in their water, but not care about holding the door for someone, or treating someone with a lesser level of religious observance with a modicum of respect.

    What does it say about “frumkeit” if such high levels of learning don’t teach you how to be a decent human being?

    We don’t value being a mench, we value external trappings and acts that you can quantify that show how devout you are.


    The guy obviously didn’t go to a mussar yeshiva. Rov Yisroel Salanter ztz”l would be crying if he heard this.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Curiosity – Thank you. You actually commented on what he did wrong and how it does not go along with our Torah’s teachings. Somehow everyone else figured out exactly who this individuals teachers were, how they behaved, what kind of other people he surrounded himself with and came to the conclusion that much of klal yisroel is responsible and is just like him. Baruch Hashem this type of banter isn’t a middos issue or a lack of shmiras halashon or we would all be just like him.


    OneOfMany -“No comment on the story, but welcome back, arwsf!”

    Yes, Welcome Back. Glad to see you’re still around.


    now, if only he had school Isra Chag. And ended after 2:00 on Fridays.

    In all seriousness, I find this story very hard to believe. There’s something missing here. I hope.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    yitzchokm – lol


    IF the story is true , then this van driver is a dumb jerk.

    I’m just trying to comprehend how is it possible that you were looking out your front window, and down the road this episode occured, & you want us to beleive that you could see a bentcher from your vantage point ?!?! c’mon you are smarter then that….


    I dont know if this exact story is true, but there are plenty of similar stories.

    People who are “Late” for minyan and block your driveway.

    People who are runnning late on Friday afternoon and demand to jump the line in the supermarket.


    How could he even have kavanah with all the honking going on behind him?


    mogold, you’ve confronted me on the validity of this story, based on your misunderstandings. i never said i saw this episode down the road, it happened right out side my front window, on the other side of the street. our streets are very narrow. i can see everything…by the way, nice color underwear you’re wearing.lol

    thanks health and one of many for the hearty welcome back greeting. i dont get much opportunity to log in at all, on line, so i rarely pop in anymore, and let me tell you I MISS IT!

    LUV YA all


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