I don't want the best, I want the cheapest that won't fall apart in my hands.

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    Where can I buy the cheapest earbuds that work?


    ebay or amazon. check out both & compare prices


    Five Below often has good ones. We’ve even found ones there for $1 on clearance. They have one type that looks like shoelaces that seem to work well and last for a long while (and is almost always $1 or less when they have them). Last time I saw them I bought 6 sets (We’re very rough on earbuds around here). I figure even if they don’t last forever it still ends up being cheaper to use these.


    I worked in pro audio for a number of years, so I can give my recommendations if you want them. If you don’t mind deviating from the earbud form-factor and going for an over-the-head setup, I love the sony MDR-7506 or MDR-V6. They’re made of metal. I’ve sat on them. They’ve been abused. They’ve sat in my car for months, 100 degree summers, sub-zero winters. They’ve been chewed-on and stretched-out by children. They don’t break, and they certainly won’t “fall apart” in your hands.

    The stock earpads are ok, but I changed to real leather pads when I bought them. My current set of 7506’s is over 5 years old, and they have really no noticeable wear. They sound super clear. They don’t crackle. They don’t max out. The cord hasn’t started to break apart. They’re amazing. They isolate sound really well, so they’re equally great if you’re listening Jewish music in around Goyim or Goyishe music around frum-folk.

    And they only come in black. If you tip your hat right, you can have both on at the same time. They also double as earmuffs in the winter.


    How can I tell which ebay headphones are good?


    all ebay & amazon products come with explanation of the product with the condition of the product & what it comes with etc…

    if you want to do extra research do it on google to find more info about a specific product

    good luck


    I purchased a pair of el-cheapo ear-buds at Walmart and they’re good enough for me (I’m no audiophile, though).


    Lots of the stuff on ebay comes straight from china and costs them 4 cents to manufacture. Even the brand names are often counterfeit.


    That’s the problem.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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