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    I always feel bad for people. Is this normal? even if this person has $ or everything is ok with them I still feel bad for them.


    I feel bad that you feel bad. (I try to feel real simcha at someone else’s Hatzlacha)


    I don’t know if this is the same thing but I have a really guilty conscience. I feel bad for people who don’t deserve to be felt bad for. Like I had to work really hard to not feel bad for Anthony Wiener, that he caused it upon himself etc. I have to work hard not to feel bad for people who deservedly are in jail (murderers) and then I go thru this feeling guilty stage that they are in jail. It’s pretty sad on my part:(

    Busy As A Bee

    APushetaYid I knw how you feel. Its from having a big heart and knowing that even when things look perfect in the outside most people have Tzros of some kind.

    I try to do things about it so I feel like I’m making a difference. Like helping out Tomchei Shabbos or something to that affect..


    I find it very hard to feel bad for others, unless I know they are going through extremely difficult times.


    I have the same thing.

    Do you think it comes from your heart and emotions getting involed because of a personal emotional attachment to they’re situation. Like for example, you have experienced a simialr situation and those same feelings you had then resurface making you feel sorry/ pitiful/ sympathetic to the person?


    Everyone has issues in life they must work through. I have the zechus to know a few very chashuv members of hanhalos is yeshivos who deal with issues of bachurim, married people, and even random dudes once in a while. I used to be quite naive about this, but most people have very very difficult issues in life, and many have not normal ones. And these are people who you see every day who look fine and even b’simcha. Lemaisa, know that the average guy you see on the street is probably working through some very difficult issue or another.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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