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    I have lived in the city that supposedly ‘has it all’ my entire life and I have found something key that the five boros are missing- Being able to see the stars. Imagine how our self worth would soar if we see the myriads of stars and that Hashem gave each of them a name. All I see are the same 6 or so….That doesn’t really help me visualize this fact too much. Thoughts, additions…subtractions??? ((Hey, it’s zman simchaseinu…)

    am yisrael chai

    “the five boros are missing- Being able to see the stars.”

    Guess you’ve never lived in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, among many other places.

    Did you know that some parts of the city don’t even have alternate side of the street parking?

    Generalizing only generally works 😉

    Bar Shattya

    +1 (You did ask for it)


    There is much more than that missing in NY.


    sorry wrong we have the country


    and peace an quiet.

    Sister Bear

    lol so true….and I don’t even live in the city (although the suburbs don’t give much stars….grass we have tho).

    Funny story, I was in the country with a few friends and we looked up at the stars and we were like oh they’re so pretty. So one girl was like what are they? We’re like stars you city girl (btw she lives in suburbia too). She was like I know there are stars up there but those are twinkling. So the other girls we were with started singing twinkle, twinkle little star.


    It’s a shame, really. And based on all your responses, I see that it’s very true. New york CITY dwellers really do lack this reality. Parks, lakes, other forms of nature- Yes there are those sprinkled throughout, but stars?! I see the same blasted planet next to the moon every time I look up on a cloudless night. You might as well just board up my schach for crying out loud! 😉

    Dr. Seuss

    I don’t understand. Why don’t the stars come out over New York?


    The first time that I actually saw light from the moon was after I bought a house on a quiet block in Lakewood. On a clear night the moon light is actually quite strong. In NYC I have never seen that.


    The only thing we don’t have in NYC is…….

    A kosher subway!!!!!

    They have in baltimore and its great but we dont have one locally!:(


    we can see the stars but we don’t have Walmart (brooklyn)


    Your missing the Kotel! And Clean Air!


    And Walmart- You’re right! I’m seeing some cracks in the NYC ‘all powerful’ defense system…..Oh, and how many stars can you count from where you are commonsense? Dr. Seuss- The city lights don’t allow us to see stars that aren’t super bright. It’s hard to explain.


    time, derech eretz, parking…i could go on and on.


    It all sums up to one thing, which is quality of life! New Yorkers probably don’t even know to what I am referring.


    I don’t know why everyone complains they can’t see the stars, on a clear night we see them just fine. If we happen to be outside on Shabbos when it is almost over, we watch as the stars become visible to know when Shabbos is over (even though we hold a later zman). I live in Brooklyn.


    The city that never sleeps has it all: Torah, Avodah, and Gemilas Chasodim.

    am yisrael chai

    Next thing we’ll hear is that NY doesn’t have a view of the moon as well as the stars, and inhabitants go OOT for kiddush levana…

    YW Moderator-42

    ayc, many months NYC does have that problem. I once went OOT (is EY OOT?) the 2nd Shabbos of a month and after Shabbos was looking for people to say kiddush levana with. but they had all said it the previous week. Granted, it’s not just NYC, but Eretz Yisrael generally does not get cloudy during the summer months


    What does clouds have to do with NYC vs. OOT??


    @toi- I take offense to your post. “time, derech eretz, parking…i could go on and on.”

    Derech eretz? Honestly, how can you generalize and say that people in NY don’t have that?

    Wow, I don’t even think I’m going to continue saying what I was going to because it probably won’t be worth it but just know the derech eretz that goes on in NY (and around the world) is astonishing. Yes, we don’t nec see it all but I know I see it a lot and it makes me proud of being a Jew and NYer;)

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