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    So, we know that with Shmiras haloshon, you can hear something bad about someone, and even though you think to yourself ‘it’s NOT TRUE!’ it may change your perspective of the person, right?

    Well, I had a dream. Basically, there was a friend of mine in my dream, and she did an aveira (which I can’t imagine she would ever do), except that everyone else in the dream acted like they really do IRL.

    Now; I can’t look at her like I used to. The dream changed my perspective, and I look at her as tho she’s done what she did- WHICH SHE DIDN’T DO! I donno what to do. I believe that it’s like the shmiras haloshon case…

    Can someone suggest how I can change my outlook?



    Take a nap and try to dream that she has done teshuva.

    Seriously, how far do you want to analyze this? Is she standing in for someone else? Has she ever given you cause to think subconsciously that she might do this? Did anyone else speak of her as possibly doing this?

    If this changes your attitude to her so that she notices, would you tell her about the dream?


    BY94, it is a test. Hashem is testing you. Don’t you get it? He is testing your bitachon and emunah. He is testing you to see what happens to you and how true you are to Shmiras Haloshon! YOU know it isn’t true. YOU know it was just a dream and it really didn’t happen, just as if someone said LH about her and you are not allowed to listen to it. So what are you going to believe? Are you going to look at this person as if you believe the LH about her or are you going to ignore the LH and look at her as a true Bas Yisroel? What is it going to be? Are you going to pass Hashem’s test?


    I agree with Aries. Its not reality, so don’t fall for the trick and make it into reality.

    With the barrage of media we are subject to in today’s world, dreams are beyond our control.


    You need to move on. Do you take all your dreams so seriously. better yet, call it a nightmare


    sounds a little pathetic to me that a silly dream could make you have such an opinion of someone!

    i think that there must have been some sort of such feeling toward this girl before and that this dream just intesified the feeling.


    ursula~ no, I wouldn’t tell her that I had this ‘dream’ about her.

    aries, bpt~ So true! And that’s why I brought the shmiras haloshon example in the first place.. Funny thing is, I’m learning about rechilus at the moment, and it’s exactly the same concept abt something that’s not true and you CAN’T believe it!

    Either way, I dunno how I can PASS the test, the dream felt so real! Also, thanks for understanding my the issue

    boredinoffice~ I don’t generally have such vivid dreams as this one was. And especially I don’t remember them when I wake up.

    HAKOL~ no, I never would’ve imagined such a thing, and I really don’t think that I would believe it if someone told me.

    The slight difference in this case, is that I ‘SAW’ it, and that’s why I find it so difficult to ‘unbelieve.’ Ideas? Thanks


    BY94, the best way to “love” someone is to do something nice for them. So I would suggest you do just that. Befriending them and do nice things for her will make you feel closer to her and protective of her. Therefore you won’t believe anything bad about her.

    Maybe the dream was in preparation of LH that WILL be said about her and that she will need friends around her that will protect her and stand by her side. It might be a premonition of something that will happen in the future. Maybe Hashem wants you to be her friend and protect her. So the best way to get over feeling badly about someone is to do good by them.


    Things didn’t work out to well for the last person to “have a dream”. Stick to reality.


    Thanks aries. You make a lot of sense 🙂

    apushatayid~ Why, what happened?


    Possibly apushatyid was referring to Martin Luther King, and his assassination. You know what they say: “You’ll get a day named after you, but it isn’t worth it.”

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