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    What do you do on Sundays?

    Its the most confusing time of the week, as far as productivity and balancing it with leisure time…

    I always think its going to be great to have this free day. Maybe I could take the kids on a nature walk in the woods, we could throw peanuts to the squirrels. THen visit a toy store or library, get a hot chocolate and then visit a friend.

    Then reality sets in. I will be “out there” alone with XXX amount of children. The baby may start crying to be nursed and the toddler doesnt like the cold wind, and the 5 year old needs a toilet. Then I will have to schlep the carriage up to the woods and back.

    So I think ok lets bake cookies and do laundry and sew and clean and fold laundry and play with the children at home. And that is NEVER enjoyable as they dont let me do half of the housework and just keep making more housework.

    So tell me,…just what do people do on sundays????


    Are you ready for some football?


    I am one of those who thinks its TERRIBLE that yeshivas have school on Sundays.

    Sunday is the one day of the week you can get out of the house with everyone , not be locked in the house with kids fighting. Spend time with your kids without the pressure of claustraphobia (I realize many love Shabbos, but when the kids get Claustrophobia it is NOT Fun)

    You can go to the Park, Go to museum , Go to Zoo. Beathe some fresh air


    If the kids are in yeshiva they wont be home fighting!


    you catch up on your learning.

    do a full workout in the gym.

    do all the house work.

    get to the emails you pushed off..


    I hear you, always runs with scissors fast. Sundays are a hectic kind of day. Maybe you could hire a babysitter to watch some of the younger kids while you take out the older ones or your husband is available to help. Gam zeh yaavor your kids will grow up fast! good luck and goodd Shabbos.


    I know, my mum hates sundays because the kids are home with nothing to do and make a huge mess, and the house is totally flying, but for me, i love it cos its my day off from work!


    I would keep the trips small. Since you said your toddler doesn’t like outside, then I would skip the forest walk until the weather is better. For your baby, either pump a bottle or take formula with you for that “just in case” bottle (I’m assuming your baby is big enough not to have nipple confusion). As far as the actual outing, maybe go to a fun place (like the toy store or library like you said) and then get some food (if you can afford to eat the meal out fine or just a small snack or ice cream) and then home. You can even walk around the mall and window shop and play at the children’s area if your local mall has one. If you bring home books from the library, then you can read more later on after the bigger ones help clean up something specific (like their room) or they can play with the new toy that you brought home from the toy store.

    You can precede the whole outing by a special Sunday breakfast. I remember my dad (who loved to putter around the kitchen) would make pancakes or waffles and eggs on Sunday mornings when he was home from work. It was our special “Sunday breakfast”.

    Like someone said, your kids will be big enough before you know it and these kinds of outings won’t be so hard to plan.


    I am one of those who thinks its TERRIBLE that yeshivas have school on Sundays.

    My son’s high school takes the middle ground. They have school on about half of the Sundays in the school year.

    The Wolf


    My son’s high school takes the middle ground. They have school on about half of the Sundays in the school year.

    Well, my son’s middle school takes the high ground. They have school on all the sundays half the year.


    Arwsf: If it is in fact the woods, teach the five year old some life skills, such as how to tend to his/her needs in such a situation, with no running water and no specific use pottery. And be careful not to telegraph negativity about nature. You should be zoche to raise exceptional individuals.


    Always runs- one thing that can help you, is that on Sundays- just ONE day in the wk, you don’t LOOK at your house. Bake, play dough, coloring, and any other mess is great for sundays.

    Since I started it, my sundays are much better.

    Sunday afternoon, the kids bathe(they really are messy after such a day), then into bed EARLY.

    Once the house is quiet, I do major cleanup in my house for the rest of the night.


    Sunday is the day that baalei battim can get to learn. Sunday morning learning programs give me a geshak that lasts all week.


    Move to Israel, then you won’t have to worry about Sundays – it’s a regular work/school day.


    OK guys so whats the census, WHAT should I do with them tommorrow??? any suggestions?


    maybe you can get together a couple moms with their kids, and go to a park, picnic, and have a good time. turn on music and enjoy. treat them after cleanup in the house to hot cocoa, (the older kids). sit with them and enjoy.


    ARWF -Lock yourself in the computer room and post all day in the CR. Let them kill themselves all day and have your hubby clean up the mess afterwards!


    first, relax. don’t make it a pressure to do SOMETHING. Kids are usually very happy to stay at home and play. If you feel like you need to get out then go on a short outing that does not need a ton of preparation. Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals of housekeeping because it is basically impossible to get anything done while little kids are around. Try to enjoy your kids and do the housework later when your husband is around to help. Maybe go visit a friend who also has little kids so you can both relax and let the kids play.


    Have you asked them?


    p_b_a: lolololololol


    best solution for everybody: move to Eretz Yisroel, where Sunday is a full work-day !


    The winner is Smartcookie!!! Grand prize goes to the best commentator! ..best advice. …i did what you said. It worked!

    I didn’t look at the mess all day, In fact I didnt even get nervous nerves from it or anxiety like usual. I took them to the library, actually two different libraries! one goyisher and one yiddisher.

    But yet, here I am at 8:40 pm and the house is waiting for me to clean up and I badly need a time out , so I have come to visit the coffee room! This sunday was pretty enjoyable. Thanks for all your input. I appreciate.


    I love sundays but sundays hate me… wa wa wa wa ;(

    why can’t it just be a regular day…


    Always runs- I’m happy to hear!

    I basically finished cleaning my huge mess now! I’m drained and will leave some finishing up for tomorrow.

    Good luck!

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