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    When my filter blocks a website I can ask them to open it.
    If they don’t want, they reject and I automatically get a rejection email.
    I think it shouldn’t be too difficult for YWN to set up such a concept.
    This way if our comment/thread is not approved we can automatically know.
    The goal is not for the mods to work harder, just for the system to be smarter
    If we all say we want it maybe YWN will consider it.

    YWN if you’d like to know which filter, you can email me.
    I’m sure if you reach out to them they will be glad to help you out on this.

    Let’s all raise our voices and request this!


    Problem is, filter would also block their “editorials”.

    The “editorials” are a favor. We could just delete.

    Reb Eliezer

    Filters can be controlled what to block and what not.


    If mods could provide me with the material they rejected, I could try automating their hard work, so they will have more time for editorials.


    No mods….no CR.
    Its really not that complicated to understand why a “moderated” frum social media site is not going to use a robotic AI-powered clone of Mod 29 to screen blog postings or give their readers an “opt in” choice to see deleted posts.



    I think I didn’t explain clearly.
    I meant that we should get an email when our reply or topic is rejected so we know it’s not approved so we know.
    But it’s crazy for the mods to have to send out emails each time a comment isn’t approved so I was thinking of automated emails (like a filter).


    I thought of this idea because I tried to start a topic (the one with the covid deaths)
    after a day I saw my topic still wasn’t up so I was like if it isn’t approved I would like to know.
    Then I tried it again and it was up so maybe I didn’t submit it properly the first time idk.

    And here I thought you revised it.


    Chas Vashalom I would not want to get rid of the mods


    Amom, Maybe if the system will notify every obnoxious poster about every obnoxious post, this will invite repeated posts, appeals to higher authority, attempts to game the mods, etc. People get triggered by information coming at them… Ideally, posters should know that they are moderated and behave accordingly, and mods need to just trim occasional mistakes. Maybe just inform posters about their general percentage rejected weekly


    AAQ- I didn’t think of that.
    If I were to get a not approved email I would just leave it at that.
    But when your post/thread isn’t posted you just feel like you are left hanging. Like hey I added something to this topic why isn’t it up.
    But to counter this, the reply can come from a donotreply email or something like that.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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