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    im 20 years old and i guess i smile alot cuz i have those “crows feet” by my eyes when i smile, and those “laugh lines” by my mouth..( or “frown lines” or watever ther called..) and very faint lines on my forehead.. im kinda freaked out that im already getting wrinkly.. what will i look like in a few more years?? anyways i mentioned it to someone and she told me to put on every night some really expensive lifting cream (which she kindly purchased for me) However-I dont really want to spend tons of money and be carefully applying creams to my face every night for the rest of my life.. only to be middle aged, wrinkly and say – eh- i shouldnt have bothered! So… Does anyone have any experience/advice/know if these creams actually work?? (im suspicious..) also..it sounds like such a pain in the neck..shld i just eccept my youthfull “maturing” face as is..?

    Aishes Chayil

    I use Nivea, I’m much older than you and it works for me!


    seiously if you dont want to spend $ than put vaseline on every night. makes your skin look youthful, and glowing. its oily but it works!


    Own them. You earned them…


    on the bright side,it means you have very clear skin,bec.oily skin takes longer to wrinkle.


    Yes, you may be smiling a lot but wrinkles could also be a sign of dehydration and lack of essential fatty acids. Every (especially young) woman should be taking Vitamin D and B complex, D because we do not get enough sun exposure to make this essential nutrient and B complex to nourish important systems of the body. I would also add DHA/EPA fatty acids, found in fish oil and other similar capsules. Drink water and lots of it, not coffee, tea, cola which are dehydrating. BTW, vaseline is derived from petroleum and is horrible health wise, leaching important nutrients from the skin/system and poisoning the body, CH”V. Better to use a combination of coconut oil and olive oil or almond oil, with a few drops of therapeutic essential oils (lavender and chamomile are nourishing for skin). This keeps in a clean jar in the fridge for a long time and is not expensive, with all kinds of other junk in it that can irritate the skin.

    May Hashem continue to give you many reasons to smile till 120!


    Mazal Tov! You should have much nachas!


    Is this another men’s thread?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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