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    Okay so in starting this thread cause “yeshivah world encourages to start new threads” basically I just read the rules for the first time so let me apologize for numerous things

    1. I’m sorry for asking why my posts were deleted and even starting a thread like that….you guys just do ur job and have fun

    2. I’m sorry about saying that I wanna get to know sparkly because I’m not allowed to…unfortunately

    3.sorry for the long megillas I write..but to be fair aome people write longer.

    I am also writing this to make sure everyone reads and reads the rule

    P.s. one of the moderators I’m not saying which one….broke a rule


    “P.s. one of the moderators I’m not saying which one….broke a rule”

    I think it’s important that you say which one. The people deserve to know.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    There’s a rule that you can’t even say that you want to get to know anyone? (Was I allowed to ask that or was that against the rules?)


    Happygirlygirl – its fine. the rules there because it could be dangerous.


    Under the part loshon hora and inappropriate comments number 4 states to use appropriate expression and not to slip in double meanings……which brings me to say that one mod clearly had a double meaning when he wrote that comment that we are all so curious about so……on behalf of all of us naive to the joke ….what’s the joke?


    I think that rule about double meanings is meant to refer specifically to second meanings that are inappropriate.

    (There’s a specific term that could have been used, but then

    people might Google it (not knowing the term) and be exposed

    to inappropriate material.)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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