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    But how do you apply for sems that don’t have a website?!? How do you get their contact info?


    Excellent question, no worries. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe your school would have access to their contact information. Hatzlacha raba!


    maybe look it up in a phone book or ask someone who went to seminary for the numbers. call the school and ask for an application.

    or go to all those open houses you see advertised , and get the info that way

    the question is great, your questions always are!

    Little Froggie

    Hi Shopping.. I know you’re baiting me… that’s the way you wanted to call my attention to this particular thread..

    but to answer your question I think you go to



    Open houses are only in the USA. They don’t have them here. Israeli mentality- if you want it-come and find us yourself lol.

    Anyway, so far many seminaries have turned me down by the fact I live in Israel. It’s straight out racism I tell you!



    Maybe start a new trend and have Israelis come to America for seminary


    Shopping613: Doesn’t your High School give you guidance? I do know that there is a Bais Yaakov type seminary with a H.S. affiliated with it in Gvat Shaul.

    Seminaries geared to American charge much more than they can charge Israeli’s. That’s prob. why they don’t want you.


    Lol, I guess you are right.

    Hopefully I will find my place! Anyone have contact info for chedvas or ki tov sachrah?


    It’s not racist, but it seems a main goal of the year in Seminary is to experience life in Israel, which is something you do anyway, and should you take a place, then someone else would be deprived of the experience. There aren’t any seminaries in Israel for Israelis?


    For israeli’s-yeah. American israeli’s- like 2. I feel I need to choose from more options. I’m not interested in an israeli one. It’s a different mentality and idea of what they want to gain from the year. For them it’s like an extended year of HS. They have a homeroom teacher and also learn secular stuff.


    A google search for ki tov sachra seminary will lead you to an email address. I’d post it here but it probably wouldn’t be approved.


    the sems are called American Seminaries for a reason. where in israel do you live?


    You seem to be new here. Welcome!

    We don’t give out personal info here, so I cannot say. Plus, if anyone did find out who I was-I don’t think getting into sem would be too easy.

    You israeli/american too?

    Little Froggie

    Either they’re too busy, way too serious, or my comment above just flew by…


    Why not spend Seminary time in Gateshead


    Little Froggie – they’re waiting for the webpage to load.

    I. M. Shluffin

    It’s really hard for Israelis in Gateshead. Speak to people who were there.


    if your in Israel why don’t you just walk in to the seminary instead of searching for their contact info?


    Why don’t I just walk in? Well I do want to but I’m not interested in getting killed in the proccess. Do you know how many attacks are going on in JS still?

    LF: I have a comment. My comment is not comment except thank you for your helpful comment. The site helped me out a lot.


    Shopping: So you haven’t been walking around at all?


    Did I ever say I lived in Jerusalem?

    There is a about another 200 cities, moshavim, and towns (or more) in Israel besides Yerushalayim.


    Why don’t I just walk in? Well I do want to but I’m not interested in getting killed in the proccess. Do you know how many attacks are going on in JS still?

    It’s not a makom sakana. If HKBH wants you alive, you’ll be alive.

    As far as your question: Why not check out a place like Ofakim? A lot of Israeli-Americans go there and from what I’ve seen are quite pleased.


    Seminary is Israel – the year after high school, is very different than in the U.S. Here the programs are usually for 1-3 years after 12th grade and are known as “maslulim”. If you are not planning on going to college here, then that is where you will go to continue your education and get a “degree” of some sort. I do not mean something like a B.A., but more like a credential that is what employers look for when hiring staff. These would include teaching (most girls do this along with something else), special ed, interior design, and numerous other programs that each school tailor makes for its student population. It is not meant to be a year spent solely for ruchnius, living away from home, etc.

    BTW, you are not SAFE anywhere in Israel at this point. It’s all in HKB’H’s hands. Most of the attacks these days are outside of Yerushalayim. Daavening helps.


    BTW, you are not SAFE anywhere in Israel at this point. It’s all in HKB’H’s hands.

    I disagree.

    You’re at least as safe in Yerushalayim as anywhere else in Israel – B”H it’s all in His hands.

    To say you’re not safe is simply not true unless you’re in specifically unsafe places or doing unsafe/not doing safe things. It’s in His hands. You’re not a poshea chas v’Shalom if you’re coming to Yerushalayim especially in order to help grow in ruchniyus.


    @son- Ofakim is pretty popular, but I don’t know if I’m willing to figure out what’s really going there. When our teachers brought in alumnei to spoeak about schools they tried to convince us that their school makes girls come out special all except the girl from Ofakim. All she tried to do was convince us that they don’t brainwash you there.

    Not sure if they brainwash you or not, but if it’s that bad that that was the ONLY thing she spoke about the entire time there must be something different there. Whether bad or good. I have no more comments on Ofakim. Also I’m looking for school in English…

    @Nochama- I know about maslulim. But there are options for people not INTERESTED in maslulum and I’m not. At least not for next year. Beasides for maslulim there are courses, you can get a job, go to sem, go to university, learn online, go to michlala…

    BTW I call maslulim seminarim. When I say seminary- I mean seminary. Like a year of kodesh. Like the sems I have been talking about. I am aware of maslulim and most of my class is doing that but it’s not for me, at least for the coming year.

    @BOTH pf you

    I’m still a bit nervous to go into JS. I will do so if I have to, but not yet.


    Shopping: I went to Michlalah (American for the Anglo program at R’ Copperman’s Michlalah, or HaMICHlalah as I often heard Israelis call it ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and while I don’t think they’ve had Israelis in the American program for a while, it’s definitely something they’ve done in the past. One thing though (and I’ve heard this from several people) is that many sems will discourage Israeli girls attending as it can disrupt the program- most girls from out of the country stick together while an Israeli who can go home whenever will not necessarily feel part of the cohesive program. Could be shtuyot, but it’s what I’ve heard.

    Apparently they also have some kind of a program for Anglo Israelis, but I feel like availability depends on the year, so maybe call them.

    I have friends who went to Chedvas, though I’m sure you’re looking into that already. The dorms are apparently shvach, but they loved the program. I also know of Israeli girls who went to Binas and Machon Raaya, but I don’t know them personally so can’t say much about them. Apparently, one of them had to push her way in.

    I also know Anglo Israelis who went to Ofakim and actually really enjoyed it, but I can understand if it’s not for you.

    Good luck!


    writersoul- makes sense why they don’t want us. What place has a program for me on year to year basis?

    Defintely heard of chedvas. Machon Raaya isn’t for me. I’m looking into Bnos Avigail and Lalavi for now.


    All she tried to do was convince us that they don’t brainwash you there.

    Places that have people growing/developing/changing in ways that are outside of their initial comfort zone will get such a reputation.

    It’s unfortunate that they felt the need to combat it so much that you didn’t get to hear about the content.

    I’m still a bit nervous to go into JS. I will do so if I have to, but not yet.

    I can certainly understand the emotional reaction even (or especially) for someone living in Yerushalayim. I was simply coming to dispel the understanding that it’s any more dangerous in reality.


    Michlalah. They advertise it every year on the bulletin boards but I have no idea how it works. If you have the college’s phone number, ask them about it. I know the coordinator last year was Mrs Shifra Goldstein. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but it’s worth checking out. Though if the Anglo program sounds good to you, that may be worth giving a try as well.

    A good idea trying out newer sems- they may be more willing. I know that one Israeli I know of who went to Binas found it a lot easier to get in because it was immediately post-Peninim scandal and a lot of people canceled.


    @son- I’m specifically looking to go english for a year. Sick of the hebrew/ And HW in hebrew is difficult. In HS I’ve been getting tons of slack-but anywhere else I won’t. I’ve been here for too long.

    @writersoul- you got any info? What is this michlala called? The hebrew program and where is it so I can ask?



    No worries; I don’t have any connection to it in specific. I simply know/know of a fair amount of Israeli-Americans who went and were happy with their experience.

    As far as Michlala: It’s called ????? ??????? and is located in Bayit V’Gan. It’s a massive campus (seminary, college, dorms, etc). If you google it it should be the first result.


    Shopping: Yeah, I made the assumption that once I mentioned which Michlalah once it would hold in previous posts, which was kinda dumb of me :). Yeah, it’s still Michlalah Yerushalayim, still the one with the chutznik program, still the MICHlalah :). They advertise this program all the time. No links, but they have a website (along with a second website for the Anglo program, if it floats your boat) where you can probably get their office number, to find out about the Anglo-Israeli program (like I said, IIRC the coordinator is Mrs Shifra Goldstein). I really don’t know much about it or if they ran it this year but they often advertise it.

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