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    I miss my mom so much.

    She’s in Eretz Yisroel.

    I cannot move there. She cannot move here.

    I miss my mom so much.


    That’s so hard Lightb.
    Nothing and nobody can take the place of a mother.
    Hope your Yom Tov is full of joy wherever you are!

    Reb Eliezer

    You can call her or visit her.


    I miss my mom, also.
    Today would have been her 96th birthday, she died at 93
    Mrs. CTL misses her mom who was niftara last year the first night of Rosh HaShanh.

    We would gladly trade living 8ooo miles away from our moms and being able to telephone, email and write letters back and forth as you ca do with your mom.

    Instead of bemoaning your distance, celebrate that you still have a mom and can have interaction with her,


    Skype video chat?

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    I’m sorry to hear that. We’ve missed you here on the CR for a while now too. It’s good to hear from you again even though it is under sad circumstances. Chag sameach.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I’m sorry,

    An idea (I know it won’t be 100% the same is Skype her (or FaceTime or WhatsApp) and at least you could see her

    Little Froggie

    Who and WHAT?!?

    Tell me how you’d like me to respond…. Why can’t you call her? I’m so not following the CR… it’s been ages since the last time I really had some good time here. So I don’t know who’s who and what’s what. Are you making your own Sukah, meals, festivities? Is there a reason your missing her just now? (If you’re around over “here”, why don’t you drop in to our Succah? Frogette and little me would enjoy guest for the Holidays…) Can’t make you miss your mom any less, but we could probably fill you up with enough positive, conducive, uplifting, happy feelings/ moods / thoughts/ energy to counter other negative ones…

    (my campaign promise)


    its a good sign when you miss a family member. its shows your connection and feelings and love to that member. unfortunantly many people do not miss their mother or other family members who live far away.

    yes sure its not easy when that family member is not with you but im just pointing out a posotive point in this.
    a freilichen yom tov.


    I miss my Mother and Father too! She was Niftar this time last year and he two years before! Cherish everyday!


    Thanks everyone!!! 🌷🙂💖

    I called my mom and Whatsapped videocalled her.

    You’re right that I’m blessing that my mom is here in this world. Also, it was super amazing to think about how I have a strong relationship with my mom (never even considered that until reading your comment… so thank you 🙂), baruch Hashem.

    My mom tells me that it’s life that people don’t live forever.

    Random: But last week I told my primary care doctor that I wish no one would ever die. She said that if no one died then the world would be even more overcrowded, AND cave
    men would still be around. Lol. The cavemen comment made me laugh. — I don’t think that my doctor’s viewpoint makes sense on a Jewish level. However, it helped to think about the reality of a world where people keep being born and no one dies. Every home would need to turn into a skyscraper or something, so we can have enough housing.

    Okay thanks again for your empathy!!! Really really really appreciate your comments ❤❤❤

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