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    what would you do if you had a tenant who was only supposed to stay for a certain amount of time, and refused to leave so you could have your space(which you need very badly), refused to pay rent, refuses to listen to your few rules, annoys you and calls the police on you?


    1) Speak to a Rov

    2) Speak with a lawyer

    3) do what both suggested you do. See if you can file police reports on the tenant (if 1 and 2 say you should)



    get a lawyer and start the eviction process. It can take months for an eviction to happen. The judge can demand that you get paid the back rent.



    have you spoken to them? what did they say? call a rav. you def need a rav involved. if they are causing major disturbances call cops



    happens to us all the time, besides for accting we manage real estate on the side, its commercial real estate so its very different i know, but we usually call our attorney if a tenant stops paying rent and they serve them

    do u have a signed lease with them??? honestly if ur in nyc i feel bad for u because landlords have the disadvantage….we have tenants living rent free for month until we could finally sue them, and thats if they didnt disappear in the interim…

    id get a landlord/tenant lawyer if i were u, or call bais din, but my experience with bais din, they dont always take ur side, even if ur rite :)) good luck!!!



    we have spoken to them, and they were just being nasty. we have spoken to our rov, who has spoken to the tenants, but the rov said that theyre a lost cause. we also have a lawyer involved, but he said we have to start the eviction process, but itll take a while, and we need the place for pesach. we told them to leave a month ago tho.



    Take them to Bais Din and get permission to apply to court to evict them. The sooner you start, the better. You won’t get them out for Pesach, look for another solution for your space problem.

    Perhaps a neighbor can help with some space?



    thanks for all ur advice. maybe ill ask a neighbor


    i am here

    hatzlacha rabba with it. all



    have a happy pesach. hopefully moshiach will come by then, so we wont even be here (in america). leshana habuh (hazeh?) b’yerushalayim!



    there is a third option….change the locks, but im pretty sure that that is borderline illegal…unless u have a lease that states otherwise…


    id shoot them…..jk



    Did you ever sign a lease with them? Is there any record of payments anywhere? Then you could possibly go to the cops and say “I have these guests that refuse to leave my home. They have overstayed their welcome and refuse to leave. Can you help me out?”

    If it is NOT a legal apartment it might very well be easier for you to get rid of them. Because you are allowed to use such space for yourself and your guests but you are NOT allowed to rent it out. So if you are tired of your guests and they refuse to leave, the cops might help you get rid of them.



    chayav – hahahahahaha i wish lol

    aries – the cops sided with them when THEY called on motzei shabbos. i decided i dont believe in cops. we had a bear in our backyard, so we called the police and they didnt wanna come, and when they finally came a half hour later, the bear was gone, and the policeman thought we were hallucinating or something. and when these people came home and saw their lights off (long story, stay on my side) instead of goin to the landlord to ask them to turn it on, they calleed the cops who were here in two seconds.



    it’s very hard to understand how people can do that, but there seems to be an overflow of people who can- don’t pay rent, don’t pay debts. I think when people are going through hard times, they look at the ‘landowner’,’lender/storekeeper’ as people who they don’t have to hurry and pay, since they see them as the ‘rich’ and themselves as the ‘poor’. And with the strain of rent expenses, taxes, and carrying debt, it is really far from the truth. I know this is not advice, you have already gotten that, and unfortunately it’s very not pretty to have to be rodaif a person who owes you money. You can definitely go the din torah route, it is so unpleasant, but sometimes there’s no choice. Don’t feel guilty-you are not the ’cause’. The only other thing that i can offer is the time old pasuk from Dovid Hamelech, Elokim amar lo kallel, Hashem sent you this aggravation, and Hashem is the one who will provide you with every penny you are supposed to have. May you see much blessing in everything.



    spill salt at their door so when they leave house they step on salt.

    I know you want them out before Pesach.. but ‘makos vein’ always works.. I have experience with that!


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