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    20 years ago ben gvir wouldn’t even get percent
    Now he’s predicted to get 8 seats ( about 7.35 percent)
    And ninety percent of them below the age of 25
    Which proves he’s rise has got something
    To do with the younger generation which have been living
    In fear since they were children epochs in the south ,sderot
    (60 percent of children in sderot have some mental issues to do
    Feat ) but the main thing is the rocket attacks the feeling
    Of the younger generation a series cood go of and a missile
    Falling and its not only about feeling that your lives are I anger
    Also your property in the last 24 hour war 500 building collapses
    So my conclusion is that the younger generation has had a anough of stabings, anough of shooting, and anough of 9 11s
    In the last week there has been 500 accidents 85 percent done by Muslims which are 15 percent not concidently these ar purposely
    Ramimgs of children perpusely so maybe Israelis are thing of other solutions .deportation ,death sentences by electric chairs
    And preventing PA money from getting into prison and also the run over policy to fight stone throwers there has been multiple stone throwers by using the method of blocking the car or bus
    And acording to law not being able to do anything about that
    That’s my theory on the suden Change of opinion in the younger
    Generation if you have any theory please right in the comments

    Menachem Shmei

    “20 years ago ben gvir wouldn’t even get percent . . . And ninety percent of them below the age of 25”

    Are you too young to remember Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D? (over 30 years ago)


    Menachem, Kahane only got in when the threshold was much lower. (Two seats, if I recall.)


    The right wing/religious will likely split the votes into parties that fail to pass the threshold, thereby being wasted. Just like they did in the last few elections.


    @menachem shmuei that’s what I mean meir kahana
    Wouldn’t pass the 4 seat threshold 20 years ago
    And ben gvir is the same thing ben gvir wants
    To implement every single thing Kahane believed in


    @Romain He will get 100 % of the hilltop youth vote and not much else and wont make it past the threshold


    Hi,i am sorry that my post was so messed up its because i
    Had automatic corrections on my phone
    Here the corections when i said perecent i meant 1 percent


    guys, giuys, guys,

    there is a very very very real problem here.

    Ben G’vir is negged EVERYTHING the toira holds concerning our role in golus

    לכו והצפינו עצמכם

    התגרות באומות

    The problem is also very very very very much that unfortuantely a massive part of Chareidi Youth have started to beleive in this sort of thing.

    I don;t know or remember Kahana / Boruch Goldstein / Dov Shurin / ve’oid

    but we are in a very bad place when chareidi youth start to beleive in this


    Gvir is a typical zionist. Just like Kahane, Goldstein and Shurin.


    kahane was banned from running in the 1998 elections because polls showed him reaching 10-12 seats. He was a growing force and had he not been assassinated in 1990, who knows? It took Ben Gevir a long, long time to get back to where Kahane was in 1990 but he may be there now.

    ujm, your comment about Kahane being a typical zionist reminds me of a saying by leftist Kahane biographer Shaul Magid who accurately said, “many people love Kahane and many people hate Kahane but very very few people actually bothered to read Kahane.”

    lebidik yankel

    Guys, get real. Ben Gvir is popular because of one reason only, and don’t be misled. Its the same reason Trump was popular: he does not lie. He does what he says, and he speaks his truth. The rest of the politicians – Israeli or American, frum or frei – are all lying through their teeth. Anything they say is useless. Thats what people see in him.


    “He is popular for the same reason Trump was popular: he does not lie….

    Azoy….Trump is by far the most flagrant and pervasive liar among all contemporary politicians to the extent he can no longer even remember a lie he told an hour ago. All politicians lie but Trump clearly has exceeded any modern record of inventing facts real time and his loyal Trumpkopfs believe whatever he says is true at any point in time. I don’t think BG is a liar per se; he just exploits the fears of younger voters very effectively.

    Reb Eliezer

    When someone lies constantly, even when telling the truth is not believed as the boy who cried wolf too many times, so the wolf actually came and no one protected themselves.


    Thats not true polls show him getting 8
    Seats and that poll is from the far left haaretz
    Some polls show how him geting 13 seats or even
    14 seats which would make hes party otzma yehudit
    (Jewish strength) the second largest party.


    Israeli pre-election polls are notoriously and historically highly inaccurate.


    I always viewed him as a loose cannon. I seriously doubt he’d get 8 seats, or even pass the threshold on his own. That being said, I now believe his voice is needed the Knesset. He brings issues into the public sphere that is sorely needed. I haven’t decided who I will vote for yet, but he is under consideration and I am not a Hilltop Youth.

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