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    What’s your fast way to heat water to make instant coffee?

    An electric kettle needs to be toveled, and despite halachic experts posting that it’s possible to immerse the electrical parts and let them thoroughly dry…. I don’t want to take the risk with mixing electricity and water.

    Microwave is fleishig so microwaving is out.

    No coffee makers.

    Plastic electric kettles still have metal parts. Do any rabbonim rule that it’s okay?

    Is the easiest option the stovetop kettle?

    What do you use at home for quick hot water?

    Thank you 🙂


    Immerse the electric kettle and let it thoroughly dry. Unscrew whatever plastic cover there is and use a hair dryer to help it dry faster.

    There is an opinion that you can give it to a non-jew and then just borrow it from him, and then it doesn’t require tevilah, but you should ask your local Orthodox Rabbi about that.


    Can you purchase an electric kettle manufactured by a Jew?


    Meno: “Immerse the electric kettle and let it thoroughly dry. Unscrew whatever plastic cover there is and use a hair dryer to help it dry faster.”

    Have you done this? I read that you can also give it to a Jewish electrician to take apart and put back together.

    Ask my local orthodox rabbi… I know… I’m wondering what everyone else does. If many people really submerged their electric kettles in the mikvah.

    Also, I use the ocean as a mikvah, and the sand and salt water add another messy element.

    Maybe I’ll just go old school (seriously this is what I did when I was younger, so it’s not that foreign) and do the regular tea kettle.

    Once, I got a Shabbos urn, but I returned it because it scaled to quickly and took waaay too long to rinse out (and was huge).

    Okay thank you!

    More advice welcome 🙂


    insinkerator hot water dispenser. In your case IMHO stovetop kettle


    Have you done this?

    I’ve done it with a number of electrical appliances. So far, so good.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Buy a water machine for cold and hot water.
    Most israelis only use instant coffee so this is a must.


    You can also buy an immersion heater, but those are a little scary.


    I’ve had two different kinds of electric kettles (known as a koomkoom here in EY). One has the place for the plug to insert right into the body of the kettle. The second has a separate piece that plugs into the wall, so there is only a small piece that attaches the heating element to the place that provides the electricity. I prefer this second type, but I have toiveled all types, waited a full week, preferably with the lid off so it can thoroughly dry.


    If you unscrew it, you may not need to toivel it at all- although we’ve never done it (we do it the way Nechomah described) I heard that if a Jew takes apart an appliance and re-assembles it, it is as if he made it and no longer requires tevila. Heard this from a handy layman, not a Rav, so not sure if this is halachically acceptable, and it probably voids the warranty.
    A water mini-bar with hot and cold water is a great solution too.
    I grew up with the whistling type of stove-top kettle. Also great for shabbos, esp shabbos following yom tov, can be left on the blech without needing a special shabbos urn.


    I heard that Bingo in Brooklyn has electric kettles with a hechsher. Does anyone here have the info to verify this?


    Seriously? Let it dry out thoroughly!!!
    Pony up the $15 and get a Proctor Silex 1L plastic electric kettle from Amazon. Dunk it in the mikvah. Allow it to dry. Finished. Don’t mess with disassembly and all that other shtuss.

    I’m a Jewish mother and I know what I’m talking about.


    I have toivelled six or seven electric kettles during my adult life, as well as numerous toasters. I have never had a problem. A week to dry is overkill. In summer you need at most a couple days, in winter a little more.

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