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    geshmakebachur3: Getting even? Please cut it out. I know it’s not, but it could look as if it’s almost an obsession. Seems like others have some growing-up and improvement to do as well!


    Your job is to raise your kids and you have no basis to assume that yours are any safer than hers. A parent does the best they can and davens a lot. B’H, all of mine reached adulthood without any major alarms, just the usual scrapes and bruises and a couple of stitches. You can’t wrap ’em in bubblewrap and keep them in the house.


    “I think you gave a lot of details about the mother,which may identify her.”

    Yeah, her and 100s of other moms by proxy. Welcome to my world!


    MY brothers helmet saved his life… it’s a long story

    Kishke – Please post the story. It something we all need to hear over and over again

    always here

    for a child, riding without a helmet in NY is against the law! and a sakunah… goes without saying


    Everone agrees that helmets are important, That is not the question here. The question is was she supposed to tell the mother.

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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